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Inquisitor 28/Schadenfreude – Changing Places

Posted by loonapick on July 20th, 2007


There aren’t many things more satisfying than that moment when solvers of the Inquisitor or The Listener experience when the device the setter has used to complicate the puzzle reveals itself.  A light-bulb moment which is only amplified by the relief that flows over the solver who is also a blogger.

I had completed most of this puzzle – I had solved all of the “straight” clues.  I had solved most of the mapped twelve clues, but couldn’t immediately see the link between the answers and the grid entry.  Clues in the title and blurb (“places” and “map”) had passed over me.  Then it came – that Eureka! moment.

OMER is an anagram of ROME and LAITY an anagram of ITALY.  A quick check over the other “special” clues/entries/answers and all was revealed, as the actress said to the bishop.

Overall, this wasn’t terribly difficult, and had I twigged earlier, I’d have finished the puzzle in less than na hour.  As it was, I wasted at least 45 minutes trying to see the “capitals” link.  Unforgiveable, really, as capital cities must be one of the most common ruses used by quiz and crossword setters over the years.
Those “mapped” answers:

12 ANAS (A-(<=SAN.)) (table gossip) – anagram of SANA, capital of YEMEN, entry – ENEMY

14 ORGAN-ON (principles for philosophic or scientific investigations) – anagram of RANGOON, capital of BURMA, entry – UMBRA

17 MAIL (homophone of “MALE”) – anagram of LIMA, capital of PERU, entry – PUER

20 A-N-THE-R – anagram of TEHRAN, capital of IRAN, entry – RANI

31 DIR(e)-DAM – anagram of MADRID, capital of SPAIN, entry – PAINS

39 O’-MER(lot) (an ancient measure, equivalent to app half a gallon) – anagram of ROME, capital of ITALY, entry – LAITY

42 LAND-AU – anagram of LUANDA, capital of ANGOLA, entry – ANALOG

1 G-AIR (Scots word for a strip of land or cloth) – anagram of RIGA, capital of LATVIA, entry – EVITAL

2 (c)AROUSE – anagram of ROSEAU, capital of DOMINICA, entry – DAIMONIC

10 SAMARA (with “nice” makes an anagram of “Asian cream”) (winged tree-fruit) – anagram of ASMARA, capital of ERITREA, entry – TEARIER

13 MOLE (om le)* – anagram of LOME, capital of TOGO, entry – GO TO

22 LEA-RIGS (a girl’s e)* – anagram of ALGIERS, capital of ALGERIA, entry – REGALIA
The blurb also askes you to rearrange the third letters of the ANSWERS.  In clue order, this would be AGITRENIOMLA, which is an anagram of EMIGRATIONAL.  This word can be traced out in the completed grid, beginning with the sixth square down in the last column and ending with the unchecked central letter (L)

If anyone needs any explanation for any of the other “straight” entries, please ask.

2 Responses to “Inquisitor 28/Schadenfreude – Changing Places”

  1. Alan O'Brien says:

    I was nowhere near it. Very tough, I thought. One of the problems I had was 22D: the final entry was REGALIA, I now learn. The clue was this:
    A girl’s staggering across English fields (7)
    and I had some checking letters … anyway I couldn’t figure it out.
    The knight’s tour at the end – I’ve drawn it in the grid.. It looks like a boxing glove on a piece of string. Is it meant to be a hand of friendship, or a country outline (Italy?) or nothing at all?

  2. loonapick says:

    As I put in my explanation, the wordplay leads to LEA-RIGS (anagram of A GIRL’S and E (English). The defintion is “fields”. Lea-rigs are unploughed fields. An anagram of LEA-RIGS is ALGIERS, which is of course the capital of ALGERIA. The grid entry for the themed answers was an anagram of the country, and therefore in this case was REGALIA.

    I didn’t see any significance in the layout of the highlighted squares.

    Hope that helps.

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