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FT 12,515 by Adamant

Posted by smiffy on July 21st, 2007


Please excuse the late posting; I was not near a PC earlier in the day. This proved to be just the right flavour of puzzle for my footloose Friday, not overly challenging or time-consuming but offering a some food for thought. There seems to be a mini-theme going on, with the likes of 1a,9a,20a & 29a playing to the accountancy addicts in the FT gallery.
Incidentally, I notice that Adamant does not feature on Peter B’s freshly updated list of setters (an uber-blogger’s work is never done!), so will flag it with a comment in the appropriate thread.

9 PA,YEE (eye)*
10 ECONOMIST (comes into)* – an alternative anagram treatment to oft-cited “I’m one involved with cost” examplar of &lit clues.
11 U,N(TIDI)EST (it I’d)* – A nostalgic surface reading for anyone who’s ever lived in student houseshare (“But we only just did the washing up last month”)
13 E(NLI)VEN – I’ll mention the indirect anagram here (“nothing broken”=NIL*=>NLI) just to provoke the purists.
20 SETTLER – doube def
24 THE,OR,ETIC (cite)rev
26 T(HE’S)AURUS – great surface. My fave of the day.
29 EXPORT TRADE (extra red top) – A “red top” being a literal nickname for a tabloid paper. A quite different beast from our host broadsheet, the pink’un.

1 A,MP,OULES (louse)* – “glass containers” and, incidentally, French for lightbulbs.
2 CRY,STALS (s(on) last)* – I’d liked “taking rocks” as the anagrind, but am possibly in the minority camp.
3 UP,END – as opposed to “Down at the start”.
7 GLITCH – hidden in “HavinG LIT CHristmas”
16 PLETHO,RA (help to)* – The definition (“Too much”) is perfectly fine. I suppose a plethora could be viewed either positively, as an abundance of, or as a surfeit of.
20 SPENSER – double def. The “Elizabethan poet” whose coinages are still represented in Chambers dictionary. Also a “garment” apparently?
21 STATU(-e)S
25 RIVET – hidden in “stRIVE To”

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