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Guardian 24,138, Paul: Ich bin ein Berliner

Posted by michod on 25th July 2007


Yes, as JFK said, I truly am a doughnut – I’ve been waiting for someone else to post, when all along it was me – d’oh! A nice Pauline puzzle anyway, mit einem Deutschen Thema – nine German words, all pretty familiar in English. Ten if you include DIESEL, named after inventor Rudolph Diesel, but I don’t think they call it that in Germany, so it’s really our word.  A couple of indirect indications of the sort customary with this setter, flagged up with a ? in the clue.

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FT 12,519/ Cinephile

Posted by smiffy on 25th July 2007


Some good-humoured stuff from Cinephile. A little lighter on thematic content than I’ve come to expect from him, although he did exploit the idiosyncrasies of this FT-specific grid (effectively four separate quadrants) to fill the central intersection with a flock/cloud/colony/parliament of “flyers” (TIT/BAT/AUK/OWL).

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Independent 6481 / Dac Solid stuff

Posted by tilsit on 25th July 2007


Apologies for the lateness.  Trip to Manchester that turned into a nightmare and nearly resulted in an overnight hospital stay.

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