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FT 12,519/ Cinephile

Posted by smiffy on July 25th, 2007


Some good-humoured stuff from Cinephile. A little lighter on thematic content than I’ve come to expect from him, although he did exploit the idiosyncrasies of this FT-specific grid (effectively four separate quadrants) to fill the central intersection with a flock/cloud/colony/parliament of “flyers” (TIT/BAT/AUK/OWL).

1 RESIDE (desire)* – a fun surface to kickoff with.
4 STICK,LE,R – Not too tricky, but a tip of the hat for the definition “A particular person”.
11 MOTION – double def. re: the phrase “Poetry in….” and the current Poet Laureate.
26,21 FOOT,BALL,LEAGUE – Using two examples of 28ac measures of length.
28 IMPERIAL – double def.
29 PO,WELL – The “Eurosceptic” in question being Enoch Powell.  I imagine that had this clue appeared in the Guardian then the definition may have pointed to another, more infamous, policy stance of his!
30 AIRINESS (is near is)*
31,32 ASH,LEY COOPER(ate) – aka the Earl of “Shaftesbury”. 

1 RE(EG,I’M)ENT – another good surface.
6,7 CHAISE LONGUE (lace is enough)* – which for some inexplicable reason, most Americans insist on pronouncing as chaise lounge.
12 MIS,DEAL (Sim) rev – venerable as he may be, Cinephile has obviously embraced the wireless world. First time I’ve encountered a Sim Card reference in a cryptic puzzle.
19 EGGSHELL – double def.  Again alluding to a well-known phrase, “Walking on….”
20 B,EVE,RLEY (Eve for a in barley) – Second FT appearance in about a week for this place/unisex name.
22 A,FRICA(delle)
24 OBERON – A laugh out loud clue, re: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The indicator “removing head from ass” is worthy of Cyclops (Private Eye).
25 BLEARS (hidden) – Probably the first “Hazel” to have become a cabinet minister. Which must mean that we are due to see our first ministerial “Debbie” in about 10-15 years.

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