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Independent 6483/Phi

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 27th July 2007

Colin Blackburn.

Good quality puzzle from Phi with a handful of great anagrams. One clue has left me foxed. I think the grid was pangrammatic too.

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Inquisitor 29 – Occupation by Phi

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 27th July 2007


Solving time 18:13

A very easy puzzle for me, partly because the theme tied into one of my interests. In eight theme answers, a letter had to be removed before jumbling, and the removed letters in order “identify what occupation the resulting entries have in common”. The other 32 clues were straightforward, with only about a quarter leading to “Chambers words”, so it didn’t take long to spot thematic answer / entry pairs like INCISORS / ?OSSI?I and DRIVER / ?ERDI, leading to theme answers Rossini and Verdi, both composers. The other six composers followed pretty quickly – from the checked letters in other unclued entries rather than from the thematic clues. I solved most of these after the event, though one still puzzles me. For those less acquainted with modern classical composers, Arnold, Ligeti and Reich were probably tricky thematic answers. For other clues, I’ve only listed the ones with the most obscure answers – ask about others in comments if they have you baffled. Defs in double quotes for these are copyright Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd: The Chambers Dictionary 2003.  (I’m being lazy and pasting from the CD-Rom version). Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6478 (21-07-07)/Nimrod – Ant-sy.

Posted by neildubya on 27th July 2007


Something of a novelty for me, this – a Nimrod puzzle where I understood everything (almost).  Original choice of theme too; it’s not National Anteater Day or something is it? Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 12521/Falcon – Good for the ego…

Posted by neildubya on 27th July 2007


The easiest crossword I’ve done in quite some time leading to my first ever “clean-sweep” (I think this is a technical term meaning that you solve every clue in a puzzle in order, across then down). I didn’t time myself but I started when then bus-stop indicator was telling me my bus was 7 minutes away and I finished before it arrived. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,140 – Auster/Mixed bag

Posted by loonapick on 27th July 2007


This is the first time I have blogged an Auster puzzle. This one has a real mix of very clever and very easy clues, as well as one or two that don’t pass muster in my (pedantic?) opinion. (13ac, 17 ac, for example)

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Guardian Prize Crossword 24135 / Pasquale – Phew!!

Posted by tilsit on 27th July 2007


Solving Time:  68 minutes

Probably the toughest Guardian crossword I have encountered in a very long time. 
I made a good start with the big anagram but it just went backwards with unfamiliar words and cleverly hidden allusions within the clues. 

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