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Guardian 24,140 – Auster/Mixed bag

Posted by loonapick on July 27th, 2007


This is the first time I have blogged an Auster puzzle. This one has a real mix of very clever and very easy clues, as well as one or two that don’t pass muster in my (pedantic?) opinion. (13ac, 17 ac, for example)

All in all, a very easy puzzle, solved in less than six minutes.




11 MIS-INFORMING (homophone of “MISS”)

13 SCAT – hidden in “heraldS CAT” – not impressed with this clue, as the word being defined is not very well hidden.

14 OFF-SHOOT – excellent clue; the surface works really well.

17 DOWNPOUR – (row pound)* – I don’t think this works because the surface implies that ROW (or an anagram of ROW) should appear in an anagram of POUND, but the answer is a mix of the two words – “involved WITH” would work, but wouldn’t read as well.

18 LEE’S – as in General Lee

20 AN-ATOMIC-ALLY – clever; I suppose “ally” and “link” could be synonyms

23 CASTOR – as in Castor and Pollux, another good clue.

24 ICEBOUND – a not terribly cryptic definition, unless I am missing some wordplay?

25 ETHYLENE – (they)*-LE-Ne.

26 EDDIE’S – too much like 18ac for me, showing a lack of imagination. The CHARLTON referred to is Aussie snooker player, Eddie CHARLTON.


2 A(C)ID

3 AUTOMATON – (mantua too)* – unless I am mistaken, a Dalek is not an automaton. An automaton is mechanical, whereas a Dalek is a mutated live organism in a mechanical casing.

4 ARG(OS)Y – ARGY being (gray)* and OS = outsize


6 CAST OFF-S(lowly)

8 EISENHOWER – (when soiree) – the anagrind is “is in full swing” – haven’t come across that one before?

12 ACCOUNT-ANT – the “the” in the clue is superfluous

15 HOL(L)Y-WOO-D – the definition would appear to be “in LA”


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