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Private Eye/Cyclops 344 – Pepti-what?

Posted by beermagnet on 29th July 2007


Gordon Brown gets more of a work-out this time in the early clues, as “leader” and is often useful to suggest one of the short “brown” colours, tan, dun, etc.
I might not have all answers right …
Even ignoring 6D I found this trickier than some recent Eye puzzles, though I did write-in a few on the first pass to get going.
The Eye Crossword is noted for its references to people in the clues, so 7D’s mention of Marian and Robin had me thinking of George Galloway’s Marian appeal, and Robin Cook, before considering Mr and Mrs Hood.
But no sign of Jeffrey Archer! This can’t last long surely. Read the rest of this entry »

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Observer Azed 1834: Overlaps

Posted by jetdoc on 29th July 2007


This was lots of fun — high-quality clues, as ever, from Azed, with a nice twist to make it even more interesting.

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Everyman 3173 – (22 Jul)/JJ

Posted by ilancaron on 29th July 2007


My Scots theory I think has more evidence in the form of Everyman also being Ascot in the Spectator. This week, JJ is Jeremiah Johnson and admirably the two J’s are checked. Some literary and musical refs as well: Conrad, Satie, Jonson, Auden, Hitchcock — none of whom are Scots though.

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