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Everyman 3173 – (22 Jul)/JJ

Posted by ilancaron on July 29th, 2007


My Scots theory I think has more evidence in the form of Everyman also being Ascot in the Spectator. This week, JJ is Jeremiah Johnson and admirably the two J’s are checked. Some literary and musical refs as well: Conrad, Satie, Jonson, Auden, Hitchcock — none of whom are Scots though.


1 MEANS WELL – The wordplay is MEAN, SWELL where MEAN is “excellent” as in: “he has a MEAN serve” – probably more of an Americanism though.
6 BALSA – it’s a South American tree indeed – not sure about a “good deal of resin” yet… unless it refers to the fact that BALSA while technically a hardwood is actually a softwood (“deal”) and produces “resin” (?).
10 TURN, ROUND – wordplay is: TURN for “go” and ROUND for “stage” (as in a tournament).
11 JEREMIAH, JOHN’S,ON – needed all the crossing letters I could get and even then had to wiki-check that JEREMIAH JOHNSON is a 1970’s (Robert Redford) film.
14 MULL,AHS=has* – took me a while to get from MULL (our Scots island!) to something that means (Islamic in this case) a plural of “teacher”.
18 BO(MB)AST – note that Brit doctors can be any of: DR, MO, MB, MD.
19 FAMOUS LAST WORDS – clever cryptic def and my first clue: “Memorable remarks made on the way out?”
21 WIS[e],CONS,IN – American states all have a nickname and the Badger State is WISCONSIN – turns out having to do with the fact that early settlers were miners who actually lived in the mines. Unions probably wouldn’t allow that nowadays.
22 ALIBI – (Bail? I)* — nice consistent surface.
27 NOTORI=(noir too)*,US – another film which qualifies as an anag &lit since it was indeed complicated, American and the genre was noir.


2 ADDER – it’s a “snake” – not sure about the wordplay though it might be ADDER[wort] but I don’t see how “make off” removes “wort” from adderwort which is a “plant”.
3 STOP ME AND BUY ONE – (about – ‘Spend money’)* — good apposite anag fodder.
5 LORD, J,I,M – ref. Conrad’s novel.
6 BARTHOMOLEW, FAIR – Bart’s our boy and ref. Jonson’s play.
7 LOUIS(IAN)A – another US state.
13 ALA(R,MIST)S – “suppressing” is quite a good containment indicator since it means “holds down” which is appropriate since it’s a down clue.
15 SAT(IS,F)IE,S – def is “meets” but my wordplay interpretation depends on IS being abbrev of “island” or the IVR for Iceland: “Meets French composer touring island with fine son”.  Ref. Erik SATIE.
17 NI(LSSO)N – loss* in inn*. Ref. Birgit NILSSON (soprano).
18 BASINET – (Beast in)*.
20 RHINO – two meanings: the second a frequent cryptic (African) currency (“lolly” is Brit swag).

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  1. petebiddlecombe says:

    Azed’s book confirms that your theory is right. He also writes puzzles for the Times and Telegraph. (Everyman, which used to be shared between a couple of setters, now seems to be just one.)

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