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Private Eye/Cyclops 344 – Pepti-what?

Posted by beermagnet on July 29th, 2007


Gordon Brown gets more of a work-out this time in the early clues, as “leader” and is often useful to suggest one of the short “brown” colours, tan, dun, etc.
I might not have all answers right …
Even ignoring 6D I found this trickier than some recent Eye puzzles, though I did write-in a few on the first pass to get going.
The Eye Crossword is noted for its references to people in the clues, so 7D’s mention of Marian and Robin had me thinking of George Galloway’s Marian appeal, and Robin Cook, before considering Mr and Mrs Hood.
But no sign of Jeffrey Archer! This can’t last long surely.

1 ECONOMY – Cryptic. For some reason I needed all the crossing letters to see this
10 Leader S hip – GB as “leader”
11/21 DEAD DUCK – Cold and unfeeling. Nothing
12 SCREEN – C and R “brought in” SEEN
13 TAIL WIND – Dog. Flatulence. First solved clue
14 SNOW – N for Neutral inside Sow. Ref. John Snow – Now not a newscaster but a presenter I suggest – but still best known as a newscaster
16 CHOCOHOLIC – Belgian chocs – what other Belgian would you gobble?    It is now clear this is CHOCAHOLIC, and that this was the root of my Pepti-trouble.  Spelled with an “A” looks wrong to me.  Chocaholic and chocoholic are alternate and equal spellings according to Chambers so who am I to argue. That checking “O” was a pain.
18 HOMOPHOBIA – Ho House M Masculine O Nothing Phobia Aversion. Here not the Royal family’s Queen.
24 S,PROGS – Terrors as in “little terrors” a.k.a. dustbin-lids, rug-rats,ankle-biters, etc.
26 EMMA – M monsieur twice in EA abbrev. of “each”
27 Banana’s kin. I liked this one
28 Hidden in clintONS TAG Even
29 (XP Hoses)* Plastic as anagrind. Not a very well hidden anagram
2 C R (SCENE)* DO – This may be a climax in common parlance, but musically itis the building up in volume towards the climax rather than the climax itself. Nevermind
3 (E.G. DUN)< Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more
4 M,OR,(NO)<,I,C
6 PEPTICO – In the end I slapped this in, justifying it with: PEP,(OCT)< with I inside. If this is correct it is not a “bedroom activity” I have ever come across. I have probably led a far too sheltered life.   Thanks to comments from Fletch and Mick I now realise what is going on.  With a final letter “A” the answer is PAPRIKA, the month APRil and the bedroom activity an innocent kip. I blame my hiatus hernia for getting peppy.
7 WIDOWHOOD – Cryptic. Had me wondering if Marian was another beau of Robin Cook besides Gaynor
9 SHIT FOR BRAINS – Classic Eye Cryptic
15 WOODCRAFT – A “chips” is a carpenter. Ref. Victoria Wood; C Caught; Aftbehind.
17 (NOTICING O)* A while before I realised this clue was an anagram despite oft-used “pissed” as anagrind
19 HANDBAG – Worker. Sack. No doubt Thatcher did “handbag” a few in hertime.
20 ABle seaman (SCENE)*
23 L Lord ((g)NOME)<
25 R from “labouR’s last” (KISS)*

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 344 – Pepti-what?”

  1. Fletch says:

    You haven’t led a sheltered life at all, it’s paprika!

  2. Mick Hodgkin says:

    Yes, with the ‘bedroom activity’ being ‘kip’. A good example of the fun the PE crossword has by filling your mind with smut, then fooling you with an innocent answer.
    Anyone tempted after stumbling across this site to try a spot of peptico, be warned – it can give you ulcers!

  3. beermagnet says:

    Thanks both. I knew there’d be a something silly going on.

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