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FT 12,525/Highlander

Posted by smiffy on July 31st, 2007


An extremely accessible today, to the extent that it could well be the fastest I’ve ever solved a broadsheet puzzle in my life. Anagram fiends should be pleased, as the letter-scrambling comes thick and fast throughout, especially the latter down clues.

1 OTHERWISE (“Where to?” is)*
9 CO,M,IC – M, as an abbreviation for “Man”.  Question for lexicographers: Does a three letter word really need an abbreviation?
10 PASTOR,ALE – I’m not a big fan of the mathematical format here, which smacks a little of laziness.  Aren’t the symbols +,=,etc the shorthand province of us bloggers, rather than setters?
12 F(EA)T – “everyone”=EAch in “your paper”=FT
25 RUM,RUNNER – Didn’t get the surface reading.
28 DEMITASSE (missed tea)* – best clue of the day.

2 HOME,STEAD (dates)*
4 IMPETUS (up – it’s me)* – I think the anagrind here should really be adjectival (i.e. “doctored“) to be grammatically correct.  Alternatively, could an exclamation mark have been used to indicate an imperative instruction as a verb?
7 LE,(h)AVE
19 INTERIM (merit in)*
23 EN,SUE – Back by popular demand, “Susan” makes her second appearance in today’s clues.
24 RUB,Y

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