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Independent 6513 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 31st August 2007


Solving time: 20 mins

* = anagram > = reversal

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Guardian 24170/Araucaria

Posted by linxit on 31st August 2007


Well, my Internet connection seems fine this morning, so hopefully that means they’ve fixed it properly this time! Anyway, as a few people have already commented, this was an absolute beast of a puzzle. It took me just under an hour, but that was with Bradford’s and Chambers out, and in one case Google (18d). I wasn’t helped by the fact that the instruction about across entries being anagrams of their opposite numbers was missing from my printout version (although it’s there now).

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Beelzebub 914/Phi (19-08-07)

Posted by neildubya on 31st August 2007


I found this is a bit trickier than the last couple of Beelzebub puzzles and I even had to use Bradford’s on a couple of occasions. There are a couple of clues – 15A and 16D – where I’m not convinced I’ve got the right answer, or I don’t understand the wordplay. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6508/Hypnos

Posted by neildubya on 31st August 2007


Reasonably easy puzzle but with a sting in the tail for me. I got 4A quickly so was able to fill in the answers to the thematic clues with not much thought. The rest was quite straightfoward with the exception of 31A and 27A, which together took me almost as long as the rest of the puzzle. Very irksome. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 12,540 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on 31st August 2007

Pete Maclean.

I quickly finished the left half of the grid. It then took me a couple of days before I got a good start on the right side. Once I did, I finished it quickly too. Even now there is one clue that I do not completely understand.

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Inquisitor 34/Phi – Look Here! No, Here! No, Here!

Posted by loonapick on 30th August 2007


Either I am getting better at Inquisitors or this one was not as challenging as it first appeared.  When I bought the paper last week, I took one look at the puzzle and thought “Oh! This looks tough”.  However, when I actually sat down and had a go at it a week later, it was actually quite easy.

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Independent 6512/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on 30th August 2007


18D was the key to cracking this one although I somehow got two of the clues that refer to it before working out what was going on. I haven’t played Cluedo since I was a kid and the only characters I remembered were the ones in 1D and 8D. The rest weren’t too tricky to get but some of the other clues in the puzzle were very tough (22A and 2D in particular) and there were a couple of (to me anyway) obscure words (RIANT and TAIPING). Good puzzle though, and a very satisfying solve. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent on Sunday 915 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 30th August 2007


An unusual mixture of some very easy clues and extremely tricky ones to finish. Harder than usual – solving time: 28 mins.

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Guardian 24169/Audreus – seperate

Posted by ilancaron on 30th August 2007


Found this hard for Audreus – who I’ve blogged a couple of times in the past. Had to resort to the dictionary to solve the anagram at 7D which looked awfully unlikely in any permutation (PHTHALEIN). Not to mention an obscure poet at 18D… (that said, I’m sure some of you can recite verses and verses of FLECKER at will). I felt that some of the clues had weakish surfaces (no sycophancy here!)… see below.

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FT 12,549/Io – A relatively 27A solve

Posted by smiffy on 29th August 2007


This was a tough nut to crack, at least by FT standards.  I don’t have regular access to other daily puzzles that are blogged on this site, but I suspect that the difficulty level here is not dissimilar from those seen under the setter’s other guises (Enigmatist/Nimrod).  A lot more imagination and lateral thinking today than you would typically encounter in the
pink ‘un, and – unusually for the FT – I felt the need to confirm a couple of answers post-solving.

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Guardian 24168 / Gordius – Lock Up Your Dorters

Posted by neildubya on 29th August 2007


A change of pace after yesterday’s Paul brainbuster. It still required two coffees, Mrs Stan and Crossword Buddy ( to complete however, which probably says more about the state of my mind than the level of difficulty.

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Independent 6511 by Dac – very tough

Posted by nmsindy on 29th August 2007


Another excellent puzzle from Dac, with all stacking up in the end, some cleverly concealed definitions – very tough, esp SE corner, though this blogger’s cinematic ignorance contributed to that.

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Independent 6510/Virgilius

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 28th August 2007

Colin Blackburn.

A mostly straightforward puzzle from Virgilius. Three hidden clues made for an easy start and a quick fill for me. However, I still have doubts about one answer and a couple of clues are still leave me wondering about the wordplay. There were an awful lot of Ps, Cs, Hs and Ks but other than the middle line of unches spelling out DICK I’m not sure if there was a theme.

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Guardian 24167/ Paul

Posted by neildubya on 28th August 2007


I started slowly, and didn’t feel in tune with the puzzle at all, maybe it was the bruising effect of trying to solve Saturday’s twin puzzles…….
9 URTICARIA Often references to rash lead to Urticaria, which is Nettlerash. (H)urt – harmful without the ‘h’, ic, sounds like I see, and “Your Tiny Hand is Frozen” is an aria from La Boheme.
10 MULCT is to fine, and is found reversed in ‘act clumsily’.
11 CHE SARA SARA – ‘what will be, will be’, and an anagram of search a Sara.
12 BASTION – Backwards ‘nob’ holding ‘asti’, a sparkling wine.
14 COIN C ID ENT . ‘Coin is cash, and ID within a cent.
16 TURNOUT for a while I was convinced this was tourist, but it isn’t!
19 OVER CO OK ED, co-ed being the abbreviation for co-educational.Paul thinks of OK as meaning reasonably. If you believe it is an acronym for Orl Korrect, then this seems rather grudging.
14 MORDENT – a musical embellishment, like a trill, and an anagram of modern t(imes).
27 CON SON ANT, an ‘a’ is certainly not a consonant, but a con is a kid, a son is a boy, and some ants are soldier ants.

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Guardian 24,166 – Rufus

Posted by loonapick on 27th August 2007


Sorry for the late post.  Don’t have a lot to say about this puzzle.  Mostly fair, some good surfaces, the usual smattering of cryptic definitions that Rufus likes to use.

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