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Inquisitor 30 Group Dynamics by Quixote

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 2nd August 2007

Colin Blackburn.

An unintentional train journey led me to buy the Independent on a Saturday and solve most of this puzzle on the way home (London to Durham so not that fast!) Then a forgetful blogger failing to get a paper gave me the chance to write this. So, the Independent didn’t increase their sales but I did enjoy this puzzle from Quixote. It was at the easy end of thematics but with very good cluing from Quixote and not too many unusual words.

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Independent on Sunday 911 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 2nd August 2007


Some unusual features in this.

Solving time: 30 mins

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Independent 6488 / Punk No-balls prize!

Posted by tilsit on 2nd August 2007


Solving Time: 23 mins

A nice puzzle for a Thursday from Punk.  I really liked the big clue at 8/12 several of the
other answers.  Fairly large smattering of cryptic defs today as well, plus the usual clues that make you laugh out loud, 21 across especially!.
ACROSS  * = anagram    CD  –  Cryptic def  r =reversal    
10 ARENA  N inside AREA
12 sEE 8
15 BAGS   Double def
19 ROAN   RAN about O
21 EUNUCH  I think I’ll leave it to your imagination!
22 METEORIC  E + O inside METRIC
24 FARSI  FAR + S + I
26 GUTCH BARN  DUTCH (rhyming slang for WIFE) +BA(I)RN
28 NEW DEAL  NUDE EEL (Homophone)

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Guardian 24145 Auracaria Full sail ahead!

Posted by neildubya on 2nd August 2007


1 ROMULUS founder of Rome, and I otherwise have no idea what the clue means. (Hangs head in shame.)
5 CHAR QUI is a sort of South American dried meat jerky. Char is tea, and the second half is ‘quit’ without t(ea).
9 EASE L Being leisure (ease) and the first letter of leisure.
10 IMPLEMENT being (s)imple men before t(ime)
11 RECONNAISSANCE means scouting, and is the Renaissance with con, to study, in the middle.
13 HUMP – most of Humph (no connection with Mr Lyttleton), as a term of disbelief, as is pouffe, though I thought that sort was ‘poof’.
14 SCOOPFUL Clever – an anagram of ‘opus of’ and Latin 150 – CL
17 RARA AVIS RA stands for Royal Academy, and therefore artist, and avis is French for a warning. Rara Avis is Latin for a rare bird. Twitchers are bird watchers, and a rare bird would be a trophy spot for such an enthusiast.
21 “O TO BE IN ENGLAND (now that April’s here)” Robert Browning. Anagram of bone at dog, Lenin, indicated by ‘throw’.
23 TOO LITTLE TOO LATE is an anagram of ‘let it” between two tools, or implements (10 ac) with AT E, the ‘E’ being a point of the compass.
24 SUGAR – RAG US in reverse.
26 LA YET TE is much of 25 across, LATE, around YET, meaning still.

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Financial Times 12,516 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on 2nd August 2007

Pete Maclean.

Mudd provided what proved to be the hardest, longest-time-to-solve puzzle I have done in a considerable time. There were several clues that I completed only thanks to my dictionary. I like a good challenge once in a while but I am glad they are not all like this!

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