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Financial Times 12,516 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on August 2nd, 2007

Pete Maclean.

Mudd provided what proved to be the hardest, longest-time-to-solve puzzle I have done in a considerable time. There were several clues that I completed only thanks to my dictionary. I like a good challenge once in a while but I am glad they are not all like this!


9. AIRER – AIRE + R, the Aire being a river in crossword puzzles. Sorry, I mean in Yorkshire.
10. OVERTRICK – OVERT + RICK. This clue was one of the hardest for me. I have come across the term but, not being a card player, it is not one that readily came to mind.
11. SLOUCH HAT – anagram of U (bend) and CLOTH HAS. This was another tough one for me and I had to resort to my dictionary.
12. PANEL – double definition
13. SWAMP – SWAM + P
15. INCESSANT – anagram of INSTANCES
18. OUTSPOKEN – anagram of SET UPON about OK (right)
19. OUGHT – OT (old testament) about UGH
21. BOGUS – GO (try) in SUB (replacement player), all backwards.
23. BONE CHINA – ONE CHIN (single feature) in BA (for degree)
25. TRICOLOUR – homophone and a challenging one.
26. EXIST – SIX (figure) backwards in ET film)
27. LOTTERY – OTTER in L[avator]Y. It may be fair but I do not care for this clue.
28. MASSEUR – MASS + EUR[o]. Not having much idea how a Euro is worth these days, this one eluded me for a long time.


2. CORMORANT – CORM (part of plant) + OR + ANT
3. AURIC – UR (ancient city) + AI (perfect) + C (condition initially)
4. TOOTHPICK – TO + anagram of HOT + PICK. Tough but excellent clue!
5. CHEAT – at least I hope this is CHEAT. I am unsure of the wordplay here.
6. ANTIPASTO – anagram of ITALIAN POTS with one I omitted
7. AVIAN – hidden word
8. INKBLOT – anagram of TO LINK + B (black)
14. POPES NOSE – anagram of POSE OPENS. I had heard of a pope’s nose although I could not have told you what the term meant until I looked it up.
16. CONUNDRUM – NUN (woman of pure mind) in COD (swimmer) + RUM (odd)
17. ANGLICISE – anagram of GAELIC + SIN
18. ORBITAL – BIT (section) in ORAL (test). I have not searched every dictionary but I am not happy about “indirect” as a definition of orbital.
20. TRACTOR – ROT (break down) + CART (another [farm vehicle]) all backwards.
22. GLINT – G[ordon] + LINT (dressing). Clever!
23. BOOBY – double definition
24. CHESS – C[hile] + HESS [Nazi]

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  1. Testy says:

    As clear as…..

    I take it that this isn’t the blog for today’s Mudd

  2. neildubya says:

    No – it’ll be the Saturday prize puzzle.

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