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Guardian 24145 Auracaria Full sail ahead!

Posted by neildubya on August 2nd, 2007


1 ROMULUS founder of Rome, and I otherwise have no idea what the clue means. (Hangs head in shame.)
5 CHAR QUI is a sort of South American dried meat jerky. Char is tea, and the second half is ‘quit’ without t(ea).
9 EASE L Being leisure (ease) and the first letter of leisure.
10 IMPLEMENT being (s)imple men before t(ime)
11 RECONNAISSANCE means scouting, and is the Renaissance with con, to study, in the middle.
13 HUMP – most of Humph (no connection with Mr Lyttleton), as a term of disbelief, as is pouffe, though I thought that sort was ‘poof’.
14 SCOOPFUL Clever – an anagram of ‘opus of’ and Latin 150 – CL
17 RARA AVIS RA stands for Royal Academy, and therefore artist, and avis is French for a warning. Rara Avis is Latin for a rare bird. Twitchers are bird watchers, and a rare bird would be a trophy spot for such an enthusiast.
21 “O TO BE IN ENGLAND (now that April’s here)” Robert Browning. Anagram of bone at dog, Lenin, indicated by ‘throw’.
23 TOO LITTLE TOO LATE is an anagram of ‘let it” between two tools, or implements (10 ac) with AT E, the ‘E’ being a point of the compass.
24 SUGAR – RAG US in reverse.
26 LA YET TE is much of 25 across, LATE, around YET, meaning still.

15 1 TAKES IN A REEF – anagram of ‘it’s a keen fear’. Reefing in the sail is what you do on a yacht when the wind gets up, and you want a smaller area of sail.
2 MESSER MAR CO POLO is the name of a book by Donn Byrne.
3 LOLLOP is lollipop minus 1 P (first page).
6 A VERSION – one way.
7 QUEEN OF THE NIGHT is one of the more difficult parts in the coloratura repertoire. It is from The Magic Flute, by Mozart.
8 IN THE FLESH – anagram Flint, he, she.
12 THE R MOST AT. The most with rat around most.
16 VIGNETTE ‘Turns’ suggests an anagram of TEN and G(ood) in VITE.
19 UN WELL as in United Nations spring.
20 FL ASH Y is an insect eating a type of wood.

11 Responses to “Guardian 24145 Auracaria Full sail ahead!”

  1. conradcork says:

    Romulus. To wake up (rouse) pointless := rous. Cross is a mule, which, pointless, becomes mul. mul inside rous. QED

  2. Simply_Simon says:

    Excellent. Thanks. I had no idea a mule could be called a cross.

  3. Mick Hodgkin says:

    A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey.
    Any idea what 18 across is? I feel I must be missing something obvious.
    I quite liked ‘invite’ for the shell of vignette, though not everyone appreciates that sort of thing!

  4. beermagnet says:

    18A is THUS which apart from the normal adverb is also “an aromatic gum resin formerly valued for worship and for embalming and fumigation”
    Obviously I had to look that up.
    Time=T Protestant=HUS
    Hus was an early Protestant see:

  5. muck says:

    THUS we all learn something

  6. mark says:

    Closest I’ve ever come to finishing an Auracaria and after hours and still the same 4 to go experience told me they’d be so obscure I should give up.
    I was right on three counts

    I don’t know how you people do it.

    Perhaps like the Tour de France you are using some illicit assistance. I call for random testing of all who claim the yellow jersey as first across the line each day. I realise I am only ever destined to be a domestique.

  7. jetdoc says:

    Some great clues and some rather dodgy ones.

    I was impressed by RARA AVIS and SCOOPFUL. I think THUS was a bit unfair in a daily puzzle, which should really be solvable sans dictionary by anyone with a reasonable vocabulary.

    I am a bit baffled by MESSER MARCO POLO, though. I got the MARCO POLO bit of it fairly easily. I had never heard of Donn Byrne, so I googled and found that he wrote a book called Messr. Marco Polo.

    A mischievous point of pedantry:
    I call for random testing of all who claim the yellow jersey as first across the line each day.

    So it wouldn’t be random, would it?

  8. muck says:

    Never heard of Donn Byrne either. I had the Marco Polo bit too and went through Mister, Master etc. Google first gives you Messr. but eventually gets to ‘Messer Marco Polo (1921)’

  9. jetdoc says:

    I think Araucaria really is pushing it a bit more than should be allowed, on that one. Donn Byrne must be fairly obscure, because Wikipedia hasn’t got much about him (and certainly not Messer Marco Polo).

  10. muck says:

    No, this puzzle is by the other one: Auracaria

  11. Shirley says:

    Further to Muck’s comments ther is only one Araucaria. In today’s corrections you will see that his name has been misspelt not once but twice recently.

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