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Coming Soon – the Beezlebub puzzle in the IoS.

Posted by neildubya on 4th August 2007


From next week we shall be blogging the Beelzebub – a barred puzzle published in the Independent on Sunday magazine. It’s currently compiled by two setters – Phi and Columba – and is usually a shade easier than Azed so it’s a good puzzle to turn to if you’re thinking of moving up a gear from daily cryptics. We’ll start with the puzzle published last Sunday  – 911 – which will be blogged on the 10th of August.

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Guardian Genius No. 49 by Shed

Posted by linxit on 4th August 2007


Solving time: a couple of hours or so

This was harder than it looked on the surface. I’ve been solving the Listener puzzle for a couple of years now, so clues with a misprint in them are quite familiar to me, and don’t evoke the dread they used to any more. However, a lot of these seemed harder to spot than usual, and some clues had several candidates for the misprinted word.

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