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Guardian 24148/Rufus

Posted by linxit on August 6th, 2007


Solving time 11:58

…the last 4 minutes of which were spent trying to think of a six-letter word to fit ?I?S?N in 22 down, because the printable version from the website didn’t give the correct enumerations for the two two-word entries (the other one was 20D, but at least that’s still a real word).

5 RHUBARB – it’s what actors say in the background to emulate a murmur of conversation, I think.
10 FROG – double definition
13 ICEBOUND – good cryptic def. Pack could mean cards, wolves, etc. Ice was the third thing I thought of.
19 CHAIRLIFT – not such a good cryptic def, too obvious.
26 R(EGRESS)ING – because of the enumeration problem with 22 I was tempted to cross this out and find an alternative.
27 PAGE – Buttons being the pageboy in Cinderella.

2 (t)UN(e),RAVEL
3 TIGER – “Tiger, tiger! burning bright/In the forests of the night”
7 BETROTHAL (Harbottle*) – for some reason a hard anagram to spot. I had to write out the characters in a ring and stare at them for a while.
9 SCHIZOPHRENIA (Chopin’s hazier)* – whereas this jumped out at me straight away, despite the apostrophe displaying as %u2019 on my PC!
20 IN SIGHT (“inn site”) – enumerated as (7) in the online printout version (although the interactive one had it right).
22 SITS IN – again, enumerated as (6) in the printout. This one gave me a lot more trouble though, and made me suspect some of my other answers, until I remembered the problem with 20. If it had been correctly given as (4,2) I’d have got it straight away. Grrr!

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  1. ACP says:

    Is 3dn, TIGER, really cryptic enough ?

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