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Independent 6491 by Glow-worm – tough

Posted by nmsindy on August 6th, 2007


Some original ideas in quite a tough puzzle – held up by the 22-letter entry along the top and the 13-letter one in the first column.

Solving time: 30 mins

* = anagram


1/2 A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE  (investment is a tie; cash in)*    A very long anagram, I saw the phrase when I had a few letters from crossing answers.

10 A D(V)ENTURE    A commercial speculation

11 MINCE    Subtle, this.    this = mince indicating an anagram of (nice and m = bit of meat).     Some argue ‘bit’ is too vague to indicate the first letter as it could be any bit of the word.     I thought that Nice might hint at a French reference.    This was my last answer.

14 TR (IFF) ID     All reversed.      From John Wyndham’s SF novel The Day of the Triffids which I read a long time ago so this was my first answer to go in.


18 PRESAG E   (grapes)*    Saw the wordplay straightaway, but took a while to see the answer.

20 PA’S TIES    A little uneasy about tie = accessory if I’ve got this right.


23 Tony B LAIR

26 LADY-IN-WAITING    Saw this possibility straightaway from the enumeration, but was unsure about it.     Think what’s intended in one works in a palace (attending a royal household) or in the Ritz, as, say, a waitress, but not so sure about that.


4 C (Tory = Conservative) RUSH (career vb) ED (Balls, Labour politician).     Very tricky.


6 TEMPTRESS     Don’t quite see this – tress would be a hairpiece perhaps but not sure about the temp.  Pretty confident about the answer though.

8 LAMBETH PALACE  (a tall beech Pam)*     This was excellent as Rowan could refer to many people or things.     Official London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Church.

15 F (RAG R) ANCY      Nicely misleading as ‘elaborate’ could be an anagram indicator, but not here.

20 PLECTRA    P for E in Electra

22 BALS A    Bal = dance in French

23 B (L) EST

One Response to “Independent 6491 by Glow-worm – tough”

  1. neildubya says:

    6D – I wondered about this too but a hairpiece would be a temporary tress, perhaps?

    Didn’t like 26A but apart from that I thought this was a really good puzzle – perfectly pitched for a Monday.

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