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Guardian 24,149/Logodaedalus – Poetic Licence

Posted by loonapick on 7th August 2007


Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I was in a meeting all day and playing cricket in the evening.

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Independent 6492 / Virgilius – Delightful stuff

Posted by tilsit on 7th August 2007


Solving Time: 18 mins 

Due to my odd sleeping patterns with my illness, I get to solve most of the daily puzzles, and I came to Virgilius after tackling The Guardian, Times and FT and I have to say I was feeling pretty deflated.  I thought the Times was OK, but the other two were dull.  My mood didn’t lift when I saw the grid.  I hate grids with “double unches” (adjacent unchecked spaces) as it means it’s tougher  to solve.  This particular grid comprises 24 eight letter words (Eeach one with a double unch)and two fifteen-letter words, that’s all.  However, when I saw it was a Virgilius I perked up.   Good witty clues that are entertaining to solve.

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