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Guardian 24,149/Logodaedalus – Poetic Licence

Posted by loonapick on August 7th, 2007


Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I was in a meeting all day and playing cricket in the evening.

 The clues in this puzzle read like a poem in rhyming couplets, and it works for most of the clues.

7 INFORMER – only word that makes sense, although I can’t see the wordplay beyond IN=”trendy”. (Thanks, Muck, for pointing out “at first”=FORMER)

8 RA(IS)IN – “into every life a little rain must fall”

10 ACHE – hidden in “preACHEr”

12 RIGHTS – homophone of RITES, with “mysteries” as the definition.

17 OSBERT – (sorbet)*



23 BEAR GARDEN – (a drab green)* I don’t think I have come across “cloak” as an anagrind before.

24 SAME – double def, although not much difference between the two defs.

25 BANANA – a banana skin is a potentially humiliating situation, I suppose



4 WRINKLES – “valuable hints”, anyone?  (see comment from Simply Simon below)

5 GIRLFRIEND – (rider fling)*

6 (<=TIS)SUE

13 HEART-BREAK – “Heartbreak House” a play written by George Bernard Shaw, published in 1919

16 CAST-AWAY – liked this clue

18 TE(LEMAN)N – LEMAN is an archaic word for “sweetheart” or “love”, and Georg Philipp Telemann was a German composer of operas, active in the early 18th century.

19 REDDER – “upstairs downstairs” indicating a palindrome


22 MANILA – (animal)*

8 Responses to “Guardian 24,149/Logodaedalus – Poetic Licence”

  1. muck says:

    I hadn’t noticed the rhyming couplets, which probably explain why some of the clues are a little contrived!

    7ac: IN= trendy; FORMER= at first

    17ac: OSBERT Sitwell?

    4dn: WRINKLE must be an archaic word for trick not many people know. Not in Chambers – anyone have OED?

  2. Simply_simon says:

    A wrinkle is a tip, or trick of the trade.

  3. Simply_simon says:

    Shaw’s play is called Heartbreak House

  4. Simply_simon says:

    Slipping on a banana skin brings you down, and therefore ‘humiliates’ you.

  5. Mick Hodgkin says:

    I hope Muck and I are not representative of the larger solvership out there in our head-down rush for the solution. I was vaguely aware of a couple of rhmyes, but didn’t spot the couplets running throughout. The trouble is, you get so used to deconstructing the clue instantly, you don’t devote much time to its surface, never mind that of the whole puzzle. As a result, I was irritated by a lot of surplus words which, of course, were there for the couplets. So bravo Logodaedalus, I take it all back.
    I had BEER GARDEN at 23 across – only one letter out, but I did wonder what kind of pub the setter was frequenting!

  6. beermagnet says:

    Unsurprisingly I put in BEER GARDEN too – that is where I was, but it was quite quiet.
    I still don’t understand second half of 24D’s clue:
    24D Utters a dictum, so there’s nothing missed (4) SAYS

  7. loonapick says:

    SAYS(o) – SAYSo roughly equals dictum, authorisation

  8. muck says:

    So we all agree – a very satisfying puzzle

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