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Guardian 24150 Araucaria Party Time

Posted by neildubya on August 8th, 2007


1 POSTGRAD G(ood) substituted for the ‘e’ in Poster, being one of the two advertisements, the other being ‘ad.
5 Not being interested in football I thought long and hard about Ferdinand the Bull, until I saw RIO reversed into SEE for SOIREE
9, 23 COCKTAIL PARTY being an AI LP (excellent record) inside a bird, COCK, and provocative – TARTY
10 THRASH – a party and to beat.
12 LEAVE using ‘a’ for one inside a curtailed levee.
13 HANSEATIC I knew about the Hanseatic League from a brief spell working in Hamburg. They were a monopolistic union of traders around the Baltic between the 13th and 17th centuries.
18 SWAG GERS TICK gers is a French region, and tick is credit.
21 A CHIL LEAN ‘chil’ is the reduced cold, lean is spare, and Yarrow is Achillea with ‘N’ standing for name. A complicated set of hints and satisfying to solve.
24 REMOVE I spent a long time thinking it would end in T(ime) before spotting remove buried in ‘haREM OVEr time.
26 I googled The Warden, not having read it, before spotting the anagram of warden – ANDREW Saint Andrew is well known, and Merry Andrew was a buffoon, or clown.
27 HYP NO SIS A joiner is a hyphen, take off the hen, and no sis(ter).

2, 3 Unfortunately I got 15 late in the crossword, so that was no help. Then I saw the anagram for cosi, gala, the ring (Wagner’s work) and it all fell into place, and my solving speeded up.
4 A TIGHT CORNER is a predicament and I was in one until stopped worrying about the board game and realised a corner in a market is a monopoly.
8 ETHICISM – anagram it chimes
11 IN TEST IN ALLY ‘in’ here means batting, in cricket.
15 I realised it was RECEPTION long before I made the connection with the first class at school, which is now generally known as reception.
16 A SPAT RIA – a place in Cumbria (and yes, it is, I’ve checked.)
17 F AT HOME D The man swinging the lead is checking the depth of water under a boat in fathoms, hence fathomed meaning to work out FD stands for Fidei Defensor (Defender of the Faith), and is around an at home – a social gathering.
19 G RAT IS, GIs are American soldiers, and a rat is a deserter.
22 LEVEE An embankment against flooding, and also a reception for someone important.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24150 Araucaria Party Time”

  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the 27A explanation. I knew it had to be hypnosis but the joiner and bird thing had me utterly puzzled.
    I started badly as, having got the Rio Ferdinand reference in 5A, I spent a long time trying to make everything fit Poirot and detective for 3 down.

  2. muck says:

    16dn: Aspatria was once famous in the Guardian weather reports for never having any weather reports.

    27ac: Hyp(hen) had me puzzled too.

  3. mark says:

    I got hyphen but otherwise failed miserably.

    Please can someone explain

    21A – I don’t fully follow the explantion above. It doesn’t take into account the hero (presumably Achilles) and gives two cryptic parts and no definition. If it were “Yarrow like” perhaps it could be achillean but otherwise.

    7D – I assume it’s REACTION but why?

    20D – ?


  4. Simply_simon says:

    20Down is CYPRUS – fanCY minus the fan (the cooler) plus the beginning of the old German Empire – PRUSsia = CYPRUS

  5. muck says:

    21ac: a complicated clue as Simply_Simon says – the defn is ACHILLEAN= ‘of hero’

    7dn: the right are politically reactionary?

  6. Michod says:

    NB discussion of Achillean has continued on Thursday’s Gordian thread.

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