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Independent 6493/Dac

Posted by neildubya on August 8th, 2007

1 A,CAN in VT
9 TO,FORE in LA (all reversed) – the much-mocked national carrier AEROFLOT. Excellent clue with a great surface.
11 TRADE,SCANT,AI< – last one in. I saw TRADE (for “business”) fairly early on but couldn’t see the rest until I had all the checking letters in place.
15 C,IN in ROSTI – I saw “Toasted bread and cold…” and rashly filled in CROUTONS but immediately realised this wasn’t right as “at home” is almost always IN.
16 MOCCASIN – dithered for a while thinking that this might be spelt MOCASSIN.
20 DOUBLE-HEADER – which is a train pulled by two locomotives. I guess a “bent [dodgy] copper” might have two heads instead of heads and tails
22 (IN DORM)* – NIMROD. For six letter words, this and 18A took me much longer than they should have.
24 S,CANNING – George CANNING had the shortest reign of any British PM at 119 days. I got the clue from the definition and checking letters as I’d never heard of him – don’t know whether to be embarrassed by that or not.
26 (f)ACTION
3 A,ST in POLE
4 TALL,AHA’S,SEE – there can’t be that many Norwegian pop groups famous enough to appear in a UK cryptic crossword but I wonder if this tripped a few people up. I would provide you with a Youtube link to their innovative video for “Take on Me” but access to Youtube is blocked where I’m writing this so you’ll have to make do with their Wikipedia entry.
7 hidden in “roAD JUNCTion”
19 OR,ONE in CT – very good &lit clue.
21 hidden in “raIN FOrest”
23 DEE(p) – a reference to the Phil Spector-produced “River Deep Mountain High”.

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  1. eimi says:

    I remember Canning from history at school, but mainly for his duel with Castlereagh. Perhaps Blair and Brown could have settled their differences in the same way?

    I knew the word double-header in a sporting context, but neither of the definitions Dac has used here. Chambers gives all three, the coin definition apparently being mainly Australian.

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