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Independent on Sunday by Quixote 912

Posted by nmsindy on 9th August 2007


The usual excellent offering by Quixote.

Solving time: 20 mins

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Guardian 24,151, Gordius: Dulcinea of Patmos

Posted by michod on 9th August 2007


Apologies for late posting. I’ve been off work, but looking after my 11-month old niece who has asthma and chicken-pox, which didn’t seem to leave much time for blogging – now I remember why my 30s were such a crossword desert!

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FT 12,532/Orense – Feeling a little peaky

Posted by smiffy on 9th August 2007


One for the orologists today, as the eight clues that lack definition (denoted with an asterisk below) are all
mountains. I had to take a guess at 24D to finish the grid – plumping for LEMON as the most likely word that fits, despite being unable to reconcile that, even tangentially, with the clue itself. 

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Independent 6494/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on 9th August 2007


I managed most of this pretty quickly but there were two answers (10A and 3D) that I filled in because I don’t like leaving blank spaces and these were the only words I could think of that fit – I still can’t work out the wordplay for them. I also can’t work out part of 26A. Odd grid too, with that blob of white squares in the middle. Read the rest of this entry »

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FT 12531 / Gozo – Top Banana

Posted by tilsit on 9th August 2007



Apologies for the late posting.  A very clever puzzle from Gozo, reminiscent of Araucaria, with some good clueing, although a couple of queries.  There seems to be an ambiguity at 19 down, and  at 26 down the “container indicator” seems to be be lacking. 

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Financial Times 12,522 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 9th August 2007

Pete Maclean.

Another beauty from Cincinnus.


1. ARTIST – anagram of TRAITS with slightly cryptic definition
9. CIGAR – C.I. + GAR (fish)
11. POTOMAC – PO (river in Italy) + TOM + A C[ruise]
12. INERTIA – IN (home) + ER (hesitation) + AIT (small island) backwards
13. NAPA – hidden word. I was a little surprised to see Napa defined as a city in a British puzzle. Americans certainly call Napa a city but it is of such a size that I imagine most Brits would think of it as a town.
14. ARDENTLY – anagram of RENT LADY.
17. TOCCATAS – anagram of STACCATO. Easy but elegant.
19. FARO – double definition. This was tough for me because I was unaware of the game-of-chance meaning and took a long time to think of Faro even though I have been there.
22. ELASTIC – anagram of ICE and SALT
24. INVERSE – IN + VERSE. Lovely!
25. MIDDLEMAN – cryptic definition
26. WOUND – double definition
27. SOCIABLE – ELBA and COS backwards around I
30. GLIDER – anagram of GIRDLE

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