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FT 12,532/Orense – Feeling a little peaky

Posted by smiffy on August 9th, 2007


One for the orologists today, as the eight clues that lack definition (denoted with an asterisk below) are all
mountains. I had to take a guess at 24D to finish the grid – plumping for LEMON as the most likely word that fits, despite being unable to reconcile that, even tangentially, with the clue itself. 

1* A,RARA,T – the T coming, somewhat generously, from “finished product”.
10* MON,TB,LANC (clan)* – I’m not aware of any tuberculosis outbreaks in the Highlands in recent years, so perhaps the “TB” in the surface refers (in the style of Alastair Campbell’s diary) to Tony Blair?!
11* LO(G)AN – The one mountain I’d not heard of previously; it’s in the Yukon.
12 T,HUG – A neat attempt to play off of David Cameron’s “Hug a Hoodie” slogan.
19 AM,R(IT)A – a new word for me (akin to nectar/ambrosia), but not too tough to figure out.
25* ETNA – hidden in “Vietnam”.  This provided an immediate conduit into the theme for me.
28* ANNA,PURNA (ran up)*
29* BEN,NEV,I,S – always good to see – at least in our cryptic world – that the “skinhead” continues to match the longevity of his (typically more Ximenean) contemporary, the Mod.

2 AD NAUSEAM (use a man)* – I liked the quizzical &lit-ness of this one.
5 RE,CITES (“sights”)
9 BA,SALT – the “sailor” in the clue denotes AB (to be reversed), not salt.
18 CLEAVAGE (gave Alec)*  – Yes, I did smirk like a schoolboy at the definition “a degree of separation”, even though it is admirably innocent and accurate.
21 O,CE,ANS(-wer)
24 L?M?N – This one had me beaten all ends up, so I played the percentages and wrote in LEMON. The full clue is “It could be said to be the answer!”.  The exclamation mark, no doubt, is punningly vital…

4 Responses to “FT 12,532/Orense – Feeling a little peaky”

  1. Testy says:

    In 10A I can’t see why “My Scottish” gives MON. I had always thought that “mon” was Scottish for man (and my limited trawl of dictionaries seems to agree). Should this have instead been “My French” which would make more sense?

    24D had me stumped too. According to today’s solution the answere is indeed LEMON but I am still very much at a loss to see why.

  2. John says:

    I agree with Testy about Mon. 24D comes from the phrase “The answer’s a lemon”.

    Hardest for me was 1A ARARAT, as there is also a
    Mount Arafat, and rara is unknown to me and my dictionaries!


  3. Testy says:

    Try looking up ra-ra skirt (although you may get arrested!)

    Re “the answer is a lemon”: after trawling through as many of the google hits as my patience allows I’m still none the wiser as to what it actually means. BTW it had about 18,000 hits which I guess shows that it is indeed a phrase but I wouldn’t say that it’s very widely known.

  4. Jim says:

    Isn’t 24D (LEMON) a rather bad homophone for “le mont”? “Could be said..” would be the indicator, and indeed, “mountain” is the theme or answer to the puzzle.

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