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Independent 6494/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on August 9th, 2007


I managed most of this pretty quickly but there were two answers (10A and 3D) that I filled in because I don’t like leaving blank spaces and these were the only words I could think of that fit – I still can’t work out the wordplay for them. I also can’t work out part of 26A. Odd grid too, with that blob of white squares in the middle.

1 A,TRIAL,FLUTTER – when I first read the clue I thought that it may be something to do with a heart condition but it was near the end of the puzzle before I finally filled this in.
10 HIMSELF – is this right? Couldn’t tell you why if it is…
11 ARM in WISH – struggled for ages with this one as I never twigged that “half-hearted” might be the definition.
14 IN APPLE-PIE ORDER – apparently a corruption of a French phrase “nappes pliées” (literally, neatly folded linen). On a personal/culinary note, can I just add here that ice-cream as an accompaniment to a pudding is an abomination. Cream or custard – those are your only options.
22 TOOTSIE – I think this is right, partly because I can’t think of anything else that might fit T?O?S?E. TOOTSIE can be a child’s word for the foot or toe (which takes care of the “two parts at a tender age”) and it’s a film starring Dustin Hoffman although I’m not sure it could be described as a “film legend”.
23 (THAN LEG)* – two anagram indicators for the price of one: “less settled” and “bad”. I’ve not heard the word before but it was reasonably easy to get with A?E?G?H.
23 MAN in ROO,V
25 O,A in (UNDER)*
26 IN ALL RESPECTS – I can account for L RESPECTS (“line greeting”) but not IN AL.
3 ICE SHIP – filled this without knowing why as it was all I think of that fit. A bit of Googling reveals that Project Habakkuk was a crackpot-sounding scheme to build an aircraft carrier out of ice during the Second World War; the idea being that it would be virtually unsinkable as it would effectively be an iceberg. Sounds bonkers to me and the idea was scrapped in the same year it was proposed. Back to the clue though – I can’t see how “makes underworld killing with it” works. I also can’t find the phrase in any dictionary I have to hand but I don’t have Chambers or Collins with me.
5 (IRISH STEW A WHIRL)* – LEWIS WITH HARRIS, the largest and northernmost of the Outer Hebrides. Never heard of it, but it was the only convincing combination of anagram fodder.
6 (REP)* in TODO
7 VIN in CEDE (with the E at the beginning) – I’m guessing that “cycles” is supposed to indicate the final E of CEDE goes back to the beginning the word.
9 CHILDREN’S HOUR – cryptic def.
18 O in DORMAN(t)
20 QUE(-u)E,NI(-n)E – I’m reasonably sure that a QUEENIE is a type of scallop but I can’t confirm it. The wordplay is straightforward enough though.

4 Responses to “Independent 6494/Nimrod”

  1. Testy says:

    I’m afraid I don’t get the Indie so haven’t seen the clues but could “legend” be “leg end” i.e. a toe?

    Also I think that the “makes underworld killing” would be ICES (as when a hitman ICES someone) and “with it” would be HIP.

  2. conradcork says:

    Himself is a Scottish term for a husband, and if one is oneself one is in command of one’s faculties.

    Queenie is another Scottish term for a scallop.

  3. Paul B says:

    Technical information: if you microwave the ice cream for a short time, it makes it more like custard or cream. Yum.

    As to ice ships, they certainly were on the table in WWII. But no-one warmed to the idea.

  4. neildubya says:

    Testy – yes, I’m sure you’re right on both counts. Did not know ICES but have just looked it up and it’s in COED.

    Conrad – cheers. None of the dictionaries I have access to have HIMSELF (in this sense) but maybe Chambers has it.

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