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Independent 6490/Phi (04-08-07)

Posted by neildubya on August 10th, 2007

1 PIP in BLOWE(r)
5 TOLD,DO – not a phrase I’d ever come across before but not a tricky one to get from the wordplay.
9 (TELE(-v)ISED)*
10 SILVER – SLIVER with LI reversed, indicated by “turned over partly”.
12 HANKS in SSP,ON,Y – I’d heard of this but I didn’t know what it meant. Chambers has it as “the use of one’s own legs as a means of travelling.” That’ll be walking or running then.
17 AI,CAR<,LIST – nice misleading surface.
18 S in DIM,EMBER – I had the D and S filled in so I wrote in DISMEMBER without thinking too hard once I saw “pull apart”.
20 LAUGHTER in SER(ies)
24 ACE<,R(-a)TE – another one I filled in without really knowing why, apart from the definition. I’ve only just worked out the RTE bit of the worplay: “Reckon to lose it, in short” indicates removing the A(ce) from RATE. Nicely done.
25 (HOME RAIN)* – MAORI HEN. I had H?N filled in so HEN was the only option for the second word. MAORI seemed an obvious choice for the rest of the anagram fodder given the NZ bit of the definition.
26 P(LENT for A)Y
27 A,V in DANCES – I guess “potential difference” is V because of Versus?
1 (ABSURD TALE)* – The definition – “One’s coping with it” – would have deceived me for a lot longer were it not for one of my favourite Azed comp clues for the same word: “Bears cope”. For some reason that clue has always stuck with me so when I think of cope/coping I think of BALUSTRADE.
6 DAIRY M (all going up),AID
7/8 L,AV(-i)ATOR,Y
14 RANK in OTHERS – which is where we get the useful-for-crosswords abbreviation, OR.
16 T in TIER SEAT – the last one to go in and not a phrase I’d heard of so I had to check it in Chambers.
22/23 MET<,PLATE

6 Responses to “Independent 6490/Phi (04-08-07)”

  1. brian seddon says:

    21 down still has me stumped. Even given t?r?a, I can’t find a suitable word to meet “Cheers about collection of rescued animals – just the one otter?”

    Can anyone help?

  2. neildubya says:

    It’s TARKA – ARK in TA.

    Tarka the Otter

  3. brian seddon says:

    Thanks Neil, I can see it now….

    These independent prize crosswords are just about at my limit of comprehension, cheers

  4. beermagnet says:

    The original Shanks’s pony was a horse-drawn lawnmower with nowhere for the driver to sit, so he had to walk along behind:

  5. nmsindy says:

    As there are rarely (never?) ambiguities in Phi puzzles, I unusually failed to finish this. This was entirely my own fault however as for LAVATORY (7/8) and TEMPLATE (22/23) I was looking for (4.4) rather than the (8) clearly enumerated!

  6. nmsindy says:

    Re 27 across, scientists will recognise “potential difference”, a term from electricity (V as it’s measured in volts).

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