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Everyman 3175/Gretna

Posted by ilancaron on August 12th, 2007


Nice to be welcomed by a fairly straightforward puzzle to ease myself back into cryptic solving – having been on a diet of Les Mots Croises for the past couple of weeks.

Scotland is served this week by Gretna, though we find ourselves in Australia listening to Stravinsky as well. Everyman does a good job again finding apposite anagram fodder… see 16A, 10A, 1D.


3 TOWER=wrote*, BLOCK
10 STRAVINKSY – (navy skirts)* and I believe the clue is counterfactual since the composer himself was gay. I think.
15 DEMUR[e] – nice clean clue with the definition hiding in the last word.
16 AYATOL(LA)H – LA in (at a holy)*. Good choice of anag fodder.
17 SALT,PETRE=”peter” – Peter, meaning safe, is a cryptic idiom for some reason.
19 ELEVENTH HOUR – two meanings with the second being a bit vague: “a sixty minute period” (why the 11th?).
24 [gr]ETNA – without checking, there must be a Scots village named Gretna.
26 BEST – two meanings: with the first meaning of “worst” as in “to beat thoroughly”.


1 OUTLANDISH – (sound lathi)* — another good choice of fodder.
2 DRAW IT MILD – wasn’t familiar with this (probably Brit) term for “don’t exaggerate” but with D?A I? ??L? I made a valiant guess.
5 [thos]E,RADI(C[ape])ATE
6 B(RING,TO[o]) LIGHT – had to think about the wordplay a bit here: “very briefly” is TO[o] and “harm” is BLIGHT.
7 [r]OAST – OAST is another cryptic idiom – for me at least. Not something I’ve encountered in the kitchen.
8 KAY,O – KAY’s our “girl” and K.O. and KAYO are both legit for knockout in the boxing sense. So both knockout and ring change meanings in the cryptic and surface readings.
11 METROPOLITAN – it’s not just an underground line (which Aldgate is on presumably), it’s also a term for a kind of orthodox archbishop.
13 BLUE,BOTTLE – my parents fed us “The Goons” as children, so I also associate BLUEBOTTLE with something else.
14 THE SERVANT – a dark film with I think Dirk Bogarde written by Pinter.
20 NOOS=rev(soon),E
21 ABBA – not sure I see the wordplay here: our group must be ABBA and a bishop is B… the rest?

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  1. Everyman says:

    21D Abba – two meanings; Coptic bishop/pop group

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