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Sloggers and Betters 3 – a pub and meal evening

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 13th August 2007


As older readers will know, we’ve had a couple of evening meetings at London pubs for contributors to and readers of this blog, Times for the Times and Tony Sever’s RTC3. Both times, we’ve also had some of the setters present. S&B 1 and 2 were attended by about 15-20 people each.

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Guardian 24,154, Rufus: That’s neat that’s neat

Posted by michod on 13th August 2007


My favourite clues combine Rufus’s trademark cryptic definitions with wordplay, so as to keep you guessing for longer – 5 and 11 across require unravelling, whereas 17 across couldn’t be anything else.

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Independent 6497/Morph

Posted by neildubya on 13th August 2007

9 (+M)OBS,TER(-M) – an “obsolete expression” would be an OBS TERM. Move the back (M) to the front to get MOBSTER.
10 TO(Y for P)SHOP – I initally thought the fashion retailer might be GA(P).
11 SNUFF,EDIT – excellent clue with a misleading surface leading you up a cocaine-related garden path.
12 BB in SE< – the Home Counties are all in the South East (SE).
14 (DONT)*,O – NOD TO.
15 (CREPT IN SO)* – INSPECTOR. Was slightly surprised when this turned out to be the answer as I’ve never usually thought of these two words as (near) synonyms.
18 ERR in OVULE,D – I thought of OVERRULED almost straight away but didn’t think about it hard enough and decided it couldn’t be right.
22 A,WED – seeing A?E? left in the grid can sometimes send a shiver down the spine – so many words to choose from…
23 ARC WELDER – not sure if this is right or not but if it is then it must be an ark/arc homophone-type pun thing.
27 (GRASS NO MINE KEPT)* – ON SPEAKING TERMS. I’ve always thought that one of the most deceptive tricks in the setter’s locker is to take a natural sounding phrase – “Not cutting grass” – and have one part of it as the definition and the other as part of the wordplay. This clue is a great example of that.
4 FI(R for L)ED,RILL
5 OCTET – stared at O?T?T for a while thinking that there couldn’t be a word to fit that. Eventually twigged that the band is OCTET, “outrageous” is OTT and “church” is CE and that “alternating” means you do exactly what it says on the tin.
8 TAPAS – move the TA (“thanks”) of PASTA to the front.
17 RING ROADS – the surface reading misleads but the first thing I thought of when I saw “arteries” was roads. I very nearly filled in ROAD SIGNS, which would be ok for the second bit of the clue but not the first.
21 (STROL[-l]ED)* – OLDSTER. Great word.
22 A,G,GRO(up)
23 hidden reversed in “blacK CAB Abroad” – I had A?A?K filled in so ABACK suggested itself almost immediately but I’ve only just spotted the hidden bit.
24 M,ACE.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 345 – Two places down under …

Posted by beermagnet on 13th August 2007


… and two erections that were not “up” – giving the lie to my pronouncement a few weeks ago that “erection” often means “up” in the Eye puzzle.
Some good examples in here of using well-known people or their names to mislead, and at least provide a laugh. Read the rest of this entry »

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