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Private Eye/Cyclops 345 – Two places down under …

Posted by beermagnet on August 13th, 2007


… and two erections that were not “up” – giving the lie to my pronouncement a few weeks ago that “erection” often means “up” in the Eye puzzle.
Some good examples in here of using well-known people or their names to mislead, and at least provide a laugh.

7 JAPAN – JA(de Goody) PAN Most of this long clue delivers just 2 letters
8 RUPTURED – Cryptic that is really a single definition. I needed most (it may have been all) of the crossing letters to get this.
9/12/27 SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY – (N S COALITION THAT’S)* PARTY from “do”. Ref Party leader Alex Salmond. I got the answer within seconds of reading the clue as Alex Salmond sprang to mind from the surface reading, (I suspect we were supposed to be mislead to think of Alex Ferguson) but it took a while to confirm it by seeing how the anagram part worked.  “Pisspoor” is a common anagrind in Eye puzzles.
10 NOZZLE – N(OZ)Z LE One “place down under” OZ in another NZ. My favourite clue.
11 SEMEN – Hidden in baSEMENt. I suppose you could say it comes from below.
14 TRIVIAL – TRIAL is the Case; IVy “taken short” is the woman.
16 ACADEMY – A(&)E is the hospital; CAD is the arse; MY from “Cyclops’s”
19 TWO-TIMER – Nice cryptic-ish double def.
21 VICAR – V Against; I one; CAR buggy. For the definition “Our incumbent no longer” to make sense you’d have to know that the recently retired Rev A.R.P. Blair MA (Oxon) was the Vicar of St Albion in Private Eye’s St Albion Parish News feature.
23 CARTER – (AC<) from Bill; RT right; ER Brenda. Clueing one ex-President with another, good stuff.
25 THROTTLE – TH from 2/3 of “THe”; ROT from “balls”; (ELT)*
26 SCORCHER – As in “Phew! What a”. “Fry” presumably gives scorch, then (RE<) from “about to flip”.  Using a definition of part of the word that is essentially the same root meaning as the full word doesn’t seem quite right to me.  Presumably couldn’t pass up the suggestion towards Stephen Fry.  I remember once seeing Stephen Fry in a Guardian clue, where he was used as the very definition of wit.
1 SPUTUM – “Hawking”  Another slyly misleading allusion to a well known personage whose name happens to mean something. S-PUT-UM SUM “total”, with PUT “placed” inside.
2 INSIGNIA – (SIN)* (GIN)* IAn Ref. Hislop, the editor. Have we ever seen a broadsheet editor referenced in a clue in their paper?
4 SPINET – SPINE “bottle”; T(odger)
5 BUZZ WORD – BUZZ “call”; (ROW)* D(ate)
6 HEEL – Hidden in “tHE ELections”
7 JACK STRAW – “device for easing an erection” (WARTS<) For once erection not meaning “up”.
13/24 ADMIRALTY ARCH – “Capital erection” – And again. Surprised Cyclops didn’t get in a dig against John Prescott with this answer – probably thought it would then be too obvious.
15 VOTE TORY – (VERY TO TO)* “very to twice” gives the anagram fodder. “Stupid” is the anagrind – not the definition.
17 COVER-UPS – OVER “balls” inside CUPS. I’m sure I’ve seen “Bristol supporters” or similar delivering CUPS or BRAS before – possibly by Paul in the Graun.
18 URETHRA – (ARTHUR E)* Ref A Scargill I assume.
20 MARSHY – (ARMY)* around SH from “quiet”
22 CATERS – (CAST)* around (RE<) from “about rises”

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 345 – Two places down under …”

  1. DS says:

    Many thanks for this. I’ve still never completed a PE crossword but I’ll battle on :)

    I still can’t understand part of 23 Across though, how you can get AC from Bill? Any chance of explaining that further?

  2. jetdoc says:

    AC = ‘bill’ is a very commonly used crossword device. AC is an abbreviation of ‘account’, which can be a ‘statement of money owing’ — in other words, a bill.

  3. DS says:

    Jetdoc: Thanks for the explanation. I obviously have a lot to learn.

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