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Guardian 24156/Paul

Posted by linxit on August 15th, 2007


Well, this wasn’t too difficult at all, much to my surprise. I forgot to set the timer going, but I solved it in around 15 or 16 minutes. There were still some tricky clues, but maybe I’m getting used to Paul’s tricks now…

1 BA,G(GAG)E RECLAIM(miracle*) – and B(ritish) A(irways) + “gag” inside “e.g.” reversed.
8 ALOHA = A HOLA backwards – I’d never noticed that before!
9 DIPS,TICK – a Charlie being a fool…
12 WINESAP (pie was n)* – a variety of deep red winter apple, that I’d never heard of. Pretty obvious once all the checking letters were in though.
15 SCREW,BALL – nice snooker reference.
17 GOOSE STEP (E so gestpo)* – I thought this should be hyphenated, but Chambers says only for the verb.
20 (c)OPTIC
21 ORC,HARD – not that keen on hard=formidable, as there are dozens of more appropriate synonyms that would fit the clue just as well.
23 (o)N(A,CELL)E
25 TIME,TOGO – “Time is the enemy”, becoming a bit of a crossword cliché.
27 C(RADLESN=slander*)ATCHER – I wonder if Mick does the Guardian crossword? Probably not!

1 B(RAINS)URGEON – nice cryptic definition, “Mind one’s work”.
4 ENDLESS – the first of two deliberate misspellings, but it’s the Grauniad so how can you tell?
7 INCESSANT – very sneaky, an anagram of “nine’s cats”, with definition “ENDLESS”.
10 SPELLCHECKER – easy enough if you can spell necessary (and don’t assume it was a typo)!
19 PONTOON – I got this one early, although it took me far too long to work out why it was right. AK is “pontoon”, a winning hand in the game pontoon.

2 Responses to “Guardian 24156/Paul”

  1. radchenko says:

    My luggage went missing courtesy of Al Italia coming back from Rome last month. Quite a few other people I know have had luggage problems with Al Italia this year. I thought 1ac was brilliant.

    I also liked 1dn and 27ac; I also did this quicker than the usual Paul (though somewhat longer than 15 minutes :-) but wouldn’t read too much into that…

  2. Mick says:

    Course I do, man – I can’t get no satisfaction till the grid’s complete!

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