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Azed 1836 – Plain Competition Puzzle

Posted by tilsit on August 16th, 2007


Solving time: 57 minutes

A nice friendly monthly puzzle from Azed, with some clever clueing and no need to resort to brain straining themes or devices. I wonder whether indicating hyphenated answers would help as much as stating whether an answer has multiple words.

ACROSS (*) = ANAGRAM (R) = Reversal (CD) = Cryptic def.

1 POSTHASTE – This was the word to be clued, and a nice friendly word that loaned itself to a variety of ideas.


11 C-LIST – One of my favourite clues. Big Brother celebrities are likely to be C-LIST. See under ‘C’ in Chambers. L (left) in CIST (A TOMB). Nice combining of the ideas to make entombed.

13 LOGE Not sure why the word ‘fine’ is used here. It seems unnecessary. A LOG in this sense means an answer key / type of book.

14 KISS-ME Not just the seaside hat, but also a plant, a veil or a bonnet. MISS* inside KE (half of Poke)

16 SIPPET PPE (Course: Philosophy, politics, conomics: a university course) inside SIT.

17 DISHOME I + SH (ONE QUIET) inside DOME (Cathedral)


20 AVON I liked this clue as well. I comes out of AVION to give the name of a flower (as in something that flows, i.e. a river)

22 PRIG Tom (as in Piper’s son) stole a PIG, with R in


25 INJELLY Rather surprisingly shown as one word in Chambers. J (Journal) inside I NELLY

29 SOOGIE SO replaces B at the front of BOGIE

30 ERYNGO GONE* around RY (edges of rockery)

31 TORT The first clue I solved today R in TOT

32 ALBAN Hidden in phrase “historicAL BANners”

33 ONEWORLDER O (love) + NEW ORDER (fresh system – no Manchester band for Azed, I’m afraid) with L (liberal) inside.

34 I NEVER DID Don’t go searching for operatic composers from England. Azed is being much more devious. It’s E + VERDI inside and anagram of DIN. Another clue to savour.


1 POCKET PISTOL POCKET = PINT-SIZE, + TO LIPS*. Like the used of ‘applied’ as an anagram indicator.

2 OBLIGOR LIG (lie) in O (love) + BOR (Neighbour – see Chambers)

3 TOSSY Sinuous, ie Bending, characters = O & S inside TOY

4 HITMAN H (Hour) + ITMA (a radio show remembered by those of a certain age featuring Tommy Handley) + N (new)

5 STASI IS + ATS (abbr. Section) (R)


7 STOPOVER P (Parking) + O (‘On’. shortly) inside STOVER



12 MEDIA A (Afternoon) + IDEM (the same) (R)


19 SLYER LEY* (Half of Henley) inside SR (Southern Region) Nice rail allusion.

21 ORIGAMI (I GO + RAM) * plus I

23 SLIP ON NOS (R) about LIP

24 TIRADE Run = definition R = Runs inside A DIET*

26 NO-ONE NOON (12) + E

27 LEARE LEAR (Source of Nonsense!) + E

28 TYLER (S) TYLE + R (Rule)

Now dear gentlefolk, in addition to the splendid meet in that London next week, there is a small gathering of solvers meeting in York this weekend. The main gathering is on Saturday afternoon when we will be presenting a cheque to Medecins Sans Frontieres for the monies raised from the Bunthorne Tribute Book. We will be meeting at The Maltings public house, just opposite the Railway Station from around 1:00 onwards. Feel free to join us.

3 Responses to “Azed 1836 – Plain Competition Puzzle”

  1. Al Streatfield says:

    Help! The first mistake I’ve made in an AZED puzzle for ages.
    I put CLAST for C-LIST, my brain refusing to accept the fact that C-LIST was a word! Serves me right for having such an ingrained prejudice against Big Brother. Admittedly,I couldn’t work out why CLAST which is in Chambers only as a plural was the answer (It means fragment) but, according to me having looked through Chambers, was the only word CL-ST…

    LOGE I got right without understanding the wordplay. This is (I eventually discovered with help from Chris Poole): LOG (one definition of which right at the end of the Chambers entry is: Fine (i.e. punishment)) + E (i.e. (musical) key opening “ebony”)

  2. petebiddlecombe says:

    C-list: it’s one of those sneaky “letter-word” words, listed under the initial letter rather than in the place where you’d expect to find it.

    LOGE: well spotted – I was as baffled as Dave about ‘fine’. (But I think log is strictly “punish” rather than “punishment” – both of which match “fine” of course).

  3. Ali says:

    A nice puzzle this one. Must admit I wasn’t 100% sure on the wordplay for C-LIST, but presumed it was correct from the Big Brother reference immediately and never bothered to work out why.

    I printed this one out on the Sunday and for some reason guessed at POSTHASTE as soon as I saw the clue for 1A. Assumptions made about the crossing letters in the down clues helped a lot in solving the top half, but I didn’t get round to looking at the rest of the puzzle until the Thursday, by which time I didn’t have enough time to write a decent clue for submission. I need to have competition puzzles polished off on Sunday to give me enough time to stand any chance against Manley, Dexter and co.!


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