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Inquisitor 32/Loda – A La Natasha

Posted by loonapick on August 16th, 2007


As far as Inquisiotrs go, this was pretty straightforward.  A few recent puzzles have been of the “extra word in the clue” type, so I am becoming accustomed to them. 

In this example, the initials of the extra words read out an incomplete quotation from ALAN BENNETT’S FORTY YEARS ON (the answer to 1/38ac) – “Nature played a cruel trick on her by giving her a…”

In order to complete the quotation, you look at the completed grid to find 14 contiguous letters that you have to join.  If you look carefully in line’s 6-8, you should see “waxed moustache” written out in such a way, that joining them with acurved line will give you the representation of a curled moustache.

Not knowing the play, I assume that the afflicted girl was called Natasha as the title of the puzzle would imply that to be the case. 

Very clever, if not particularly difficult – solving time – approx an hour.

Some of the better clues were:

11 STOMACH – (to chasm)*

18 ‘S-TEAK

22 MOUSMEES – M-(some use)* – Japanese girls


4 E(very)S(urvey)SO

8 ‘S-HOE – the splayed bit at the bottom of some drainpipes

If you need explanations for other clues, leave a comment.

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