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Independent 6501 by Phi

Posted by neildubya on August 17th, 2007


A bit more challenging than the usual Phi, but not as satisfying. A lot of tenuous clueing in place of the usual witty word play.

1 BORSCHT TH(C+S)ROB<. Fairly tenuous with ‘c’ and ‘s’ being the bits of ‘Cannellini’ and ‘such’.
5 CURACAO CUR (= scoundrel) + A CAO (i.e. a person linked to a company). A difficult word to clue and I have to admit I can’t think of anything less tenuous than this.
9 GENERAL PRACTICE GENERAL (= military leader) + PR(A + CT)ICE. ‘Price’ = ‘charge’ is nice. ‘ACT’ seems to have been clued as ‘A CT’ for ‘a court’.
10 EXTRA Quite nice double def. Here, an extra in the first sense here is a run scored in cricket without using the bat.
11 PROPELLED PROP + (f)ELLED (= knocked over, but not initially). Nice surface.
12 DOMINANCE D(NO I’M)*ANCE. Nice play with meaning of ‘lead’ for a good surface.
18 FRANGLAIS (SLAFARING)* (replacing ‘e’ with ‘l’ in ‘seafaring’). My favourite in this puzzle: nice mix of abbreviation and anagramming to give a decent surface.
22 BLUNT INSTRUMENT The beginnings of some good word play, but the surface never quite held together.
1 BIGHEAD (ABDEGHI)* There may be some subtle double meaning that I’m missing here, but ‘anagram of first nine letters unable to include C or F’ is an anagram of the first nine letters of the alphabet, excluding C and F.
4 TULIP T(UL)IP. ‘UL’ = university lecturer. Interesting double meaning of ‘bloomer’.
5 CORPOREAL COR(PORE)AL. There’s a subtlety that isn’t obvious at first, but the ‘in’ forms part of the definition: in body, not body.
6 RECCE RE(CC)E(l). ‘Reel’ = some film. Nice word.
7 CHINLESS WONDERS Interesting history of the expression that I hadn’t looked into before. Worth a google if you hadn’t either.
8 OPEN DAY OP (= (a) work) + END (= finish) + A Y (= a year). Phew.
13 NO BRAINER BR(A)INE(R) = sea water around a river (A … R). Quite nifty, cheeky, pleasing surface.

4 Responses to “Independent 6501 by Phi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyed this which I did not find too difficult. Read 5 Across as CUR A C(A)O i.e. company “importing” A. My one doubt was 21 across which I think is Tom HANKS but the other meaning was new to me, just about confirmed by dicts, I think.

  2. stevenhall says:

    I was reading CAO as Chief Accounting Officer, but I much prefer your reading.
    I got HANKS too, and looked up the other meaning of a coil of rope. Not so sure about the ‘confused’ bit though.

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    Extraordinary coincidence: CURACAO was also in today’s Times (Despicable sort I excluded from a farewell drink), and NO-BRAINER was in Wednesday’s Times (Trivial matter head doesn’t need to be bothered with). I thought it was one-all. The Phi clue for NO-BRAINER is far better, in my opinion.

    Still can’t understand why it’s HANKS, apart from the fact that he’s a Hollywood star.

  4. nmsindy says:

    HANKS Yes, I’ll confess I’d trouble with that. However clue says “often confused lines” (surface reading suggesting acting, I guess) and Chambers says “to catch, be entangled” so was happy in the end and other contributions to the thread suggest it is indeed the answer.

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