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Guardian 24160/ Rufus August 20th 2007 Gentle for Monday.

Posted by neildubya on August 20th, 2007


1 BAY RUM anagram of may rub. In the old days barbers would offer it as an after shave , posh barbers still do. It’s a distillate from Rum and the leaves of the West Indian Bay tree.
5 INTERVAL anagram of travel in.
13 A C RE I held myself up by being certain this was ‘dene’, an anagram of Eden. It was only when I got 12Dn that I realised my error.
14 TASMANIA anagram ‘it’s a man’, on a.
18 I O TA A short neat satisfying clue.
20 SLOW MOVEMENT was, on the other hand, rather pedestrian.
23 SALO ME anagram of ‘also, set next to ‘me’, and she it was who asked for John the Baptist’s head on a plate.
24 EN TITLE D A championship is a title, and it is held by ‘end’, giving entitled which means to be styled, or named.
25 BEDPOSTS, are uprights, and secrets are shared between you, me and the bedposts.

3 ROUGH NECK, neck meaning audacity.
7 ROUSE, homophone for rows.
15 ARISTOTLE anagram of ‘tries a lot’.
16 BLOOMERS are mistakes, knickers, and flowers.
21 WHO OP Dr Who is a well liked, and long running, children’s TV programme in the UK.
22 PE RU Physical Education is P.E., and RU is Rugby Union

13 Responses to “Guardian 24160/ Rufus August 20th 2007 Gentle for Monday.”

  1. Kevin Ward says:

    Intrigued as to how you were thinking of ‘Eden’ as the solution to 13 across ‘A conservative leader about to give ground’. Can’t for the life of me see why you thought this was the answer.

  2. Simply_Simon says:

    I wasn’t thinking Eden was the answer, but dene, a valley, and an anagram of Eden, as I said above. By Eden I mean, of course, Sir Anthony Eden. I don’t think that was the stupidest idea in the world, but in any case I became enlightened later, as I said.

  3. muck says:

    5dn: I got INDOMITABLENESS, but not why. Help please

  4. Simply_simon says:

    It means resolution in the sense of what has been decided – ie, never to be beaten.
    I think….

  5. Rufus says:

    I had hoped this might be seen as an &Lit! (i.e. “and literally”, where the whole clue gives the answer).
    Indomitableness, as well as another meaning of “resolution” (which was also used as an anagram indicator), can be a “state of being unconquerable”, which one with “endless ambition” would need.
    Ah well! Back to the drawing board.

  6. Simply_simon says:

    I wish I had spotted the anagram…….

  7. muck says:

    I didn’t spot the anagram (ouch) – brilliant clue.

  8. Stan says:

    I don’t understand 14a. “Matchbox model” = Test Case.

    Can anyone help. It’s never a good week when I don’t get the Monday crossword. If you need me I’ll be under the duvet, cowering.

  9. R&R says:

    Match = test as in cricket, box = case.

    Don’t understand what bakers have to do with bloomers (other than wear them) in 16dn?

  10. Simply_simon says:

    A bloomer in a bakery is a longish crusty loaf of white bread, with rounded ends and several diagonal slashes across the top.

  11. Stan says:

    Thanks R&R – I am too stupid to live.

  12. Paul B says:

    I’m too old to rock and roll, too young to die.

  13. ilancaron says:

    yeah I wondered about TEST CASE for a bit too… TEST=match (you Brits seem to like playing them anyway), CASE=box and TEST CASE=model (e.g. for trying something out).

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