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Quixote and Everyman puzzles

Posted by neildubya on August 20th, 2007


We need to reduce the workload of our bloggers so we would like to stop blogging the two puzzles at the easier end of the scale which get read and commented on the least: Everyman and Quixote. Instead, we will post a short message once a week so that solvers who are stuck on a clue or don’t understand an answer in either of the puzzles can post the clue in a comment to get some help with it.  We would like to stress that we are not doing this because we don’t like these puzzles; it’s just that with limited time and manpower available to us something has to give.

We will start doing this next week unless we get a significant amount of feedback asking us to continue with the status quo so now is your chance to speak up.  

9 Responses to “Quixote and Everyman puzzles”

  1. Quixote says:

    Fair enough but maybe the trusty NMS (who solves the IOS Quixote anyway!) could just give his time and a quick comment.It would be in any case be good to attract solvers of easier puzzles on to this site for educational purposes (even Telegraph solvers). I have the worry that blogs could tempt some setters to demonstrate a sort of oneupmanship by solely producing harder puzzles in order to attract the small minority of very very able solvers – at the expense of the vast majority of average solvers who (as yet) don’t go anywhere near this site or Times for The Times. The ‘easy’ end of the market must not be forgotten.

  2. Everyman says:

    Whilst the Everyman is regarded as ‘easy’ (and it is intended to be ‘easy’) there will always be some solvers who get stuck, so I’m pleased you will entertain queries re solutions.

  3. petebiddlecombe says:

    I think the lack of comments on these puzzles has more to do with the blog appearing a week or so after the puzzle than the level of difficulty. On the other channel, some very good Saturday Times puzzles get very little said about them, even though all the regular punters must solve them.

  4. ilan says:

    Hard to gauge interest, since so little interaction — I think we’ll need the erudite public to stand up and be counted by responding here (or by demonstrating at Heathrow — we’ll monitor both).

  5. neildubya says:

    Re Quixote’s point: I think many of our readers are average solvers. I remember in the first few months of the blog starting getting lots of comments from people saying that they found it useful because they were new to cryptics and it was nice to have answers explained to them. But it’s difficult to tell for sure because only a small proportion of the people that visit the site actually comment on it. I’ve been wondering about doing a readership survey for a while so maybe this is my cue to move ahead with that. As for puzzles getting harder – would puzzlew editors really let that happen? Seems unlikely to me.

    Peter makes a good point but I’m not so sure it’s always that simple. For example, the blogs for the Saturday Indie and Quixote puzzles both appear on a weekday (Thursday and Friday) but only the former tends to attract comments. And posts that appear at the weekend always seem to be commented on the least. Over at the other place, it would be interesting to see what would happen if Saturday Times puzzles were posted on a weekday (but this might not be possible because of closing dates).

  6. Quixote says:

    I guess that the site may be visited by several average solvers but that above-average solvers make the running with comments. There is some evidence from my non-blogging solving friends of some crosswords getting harder (and sometimes too hard for average solvers) but as a setter for several papers I wouldn’t want to name names, you understand!

  7. muck says:

    I have been an enthusiast of the Guardian Cryptic for many years, but only completed it regularly since I retired and had an hour or so every morning. It has definitely got harder, and more interesting. Everyman doesn’t have the same interest for me – this Sunday I even had a go at Azed and amazed myself by getting nearly half of the clues. 15sqd is a great site – keep it up!

  8. Alan O'Brien says:

    I also think a brief run-down my be best for Everyman. Quixote has yet to invade my consciousness to the same extent that it evidently has others.

  9. muck says:

    There was a comment on today’s Rufus page: “Is there a blog coming for last week’s Prize Taupi?” As an enthusiast for 15sqd, I would prefer to see comments limited to each specific puzzle.

    Is there a way to encourage posters to put similar comments on this page?

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