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FT 12,542 by Aardvark

Posted by smiffy on 21st August 2007


I solved this one in fits and starts, although each quadrant of the grid fell into place pretty readily once I’d cracked the four “long” clues.  I use quote marks because no answer in this grid is longer than ten letters.  Not sure if that’s a low-water mark for a standard daily cryptic, but it must come close.  Anyhoo, Aardvark did a good job of playing the hand he was dealt (or chose?) by employing a well-balanced array of vocab and devices.

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Independent 6504/Virgilius

Posted by neildubya on 21st August 2007


Thematically, there seems to be quite a bit going on in this puzzle. We have horses/ponies (1A, 10A, part of 14A, 17A, 21A and part of 26A, along with a reference to a horse race at 4D), trees/shrubs (9A, 12A, 23/13A,25A, part of 2D, part of 4D, 15D, 16D, 20D 22D), birds (11A, 27A, 28A, 29A, 7D, 18D, 19D,24D) and a couple of references to dogs (17A, 5D and 6D). In fact, the only non-thematic answer I can see (apart from 6A which I couldn’t get but must be a bird of some description) is 8D.

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