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Financial Times 12544/Jason

Posted by neildubya on August 23rd, 2007


A nice enough puzzle but a few too many cryptic definitions for my liking. Lots for new solvers to get their 5As stuck into though.

1 WIND-BAG – a cryptic definition with a pun on “waffle”.
5 INCISOR – another cryptic definition. Think of the teeth as a food processor.
16 EG,A,DA< – “Saw” is a neat trick for catching solvers out although it is becoming a bit well-worn now. Lawyers in crosswords will usually be BAR or DA (District Attorney).
17 IN,CUR – more crossword staples for beginners to learn here: “batting” is IN and CUR is always a good choice for “scoundrel” or dog.
19 ESCALATOR – another cryptic def but not a very exciting one I thought.
22 (SKATER IS)* – you can see the answer to this right next to the closing bracket!
27 (CLUE)* in SPATE
28 ELECTOR – one more cryptic definition.
29 PAPYRUS – and another.
1 WHARF – the cryptic defs just keep on coming. The use of “tramp” (for tramp steamer – a type of cargo boat) and “loaded” (which can mean drunk) is very neat.
7 SATSUMA – I didn’t know that this was a type of Japanese pottery but with S?T?U?A and “sort of orange” in the clue there’s only one answer.
8 RACKETEER – can’t decide if this is a cryptic def or a double def or both.
13 BLACK SHEEP – a Suffolk is a black-faced sheep.
20 THIN AIR – the clue for this is “Balding ‘usband disappeared into…?” and I can’t work out why “‘usband” is there. Is it to indicate the missing H from “thin hair”? H is a valid indicator for “husband” so why not just say “husband disappeared into…”? Or am I missing something?
25 TSAR – “tars” are sailors so just move the S up a bit.

One Response to “Financial Times 12544/Jason”

  1. SteveM says:

    For what it’s worth, my take on 20D is that the ‘usband makes for a more elegant clue. Were it ‘husband’ instead, ‘disappeared’ would have to work twice as hard, indicating loss of the H as well as being part of the definition. As it stands, the clue breaks up nicely into ‘thin hair’, ‘minus H’ = disappeared into…

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