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Beelzebub 913/Phi (12-08-07)

Posted by neildubya on August 24th, 2007


Another very entertaining puzzle in a series that I’m already mightily impressed with, even though this is only the third one I’ve solved. Couple of queries: 5D and 22D, which I’m sure are right but I don’t understand all of the wordplay for them.

11 REST in PUR,PURE – this was the last one to go in and I only got it thanks to the generous checking as I basically had to look up words beginning PUR- in Chambers. A PUR is a jack in some game or other (I forget which) and PURE can mean “free from guilt”.
13 I,BIS – BIS means “again” and is used as an interjection to call for the repitition of a musical performance.
15 NO in SLATE< – as in “he was slated to direct the next film”. An ETALON is used to compare wavelengths and study atomic spectra.
16 ASH in PM – PASHM is the wooly underhair of goats found in northern India. I think it’s where we get pashminas from.
17 (c)LIPPED – this is a really good clue because the definition “with edges” is so well-disguised.
20 (ANIMATOR)* – I thought I knew most types of anteaters as there was a puzzle by Nimrod in the Indie on Saturday a few weeks ago which featured a number of them but I’ve not heard of TAMANOIR.
28 hidden reversed in “othER ANSwer”
30 N,IE,F – very sly. “Duke” here means the fist (as in “put your dukes up”), which is what NIEF also means.
32 (FINING THE [male]FA[ctor])* – INFANGTHIEF. What a great word. It means “the right of a lord to punish a thief found within the bounds of his property”. Quite obscure though, so we’re helped by easy wordplay and generous checking.
33 (REST ELEGY)* – I put in SLEETGREY at first but realised my mistake when it looked like 22D was going to end with NL.
2 PIC,A in AL – the definition is “of peaks“.
4 CH in DRAMA – another sly definition: “Ready for old Greek” is a reference to money; specifically, the DRACHMA.
5 ORIEL COLLEGE – don’t understand the wordplay here. The full clue is “I turned up about learning, uplifting colleague English, in place of learning”. “I” could be EGO, “colleague” might be COLL and “English” is E but that leaves RIEL (LEIR if it goes up).
6 (VIRILE CATTLE)* – VERTICILLATE, which means “forming verticils or whorls”.
8 BUB,O(-n)ES – N is used in maths to represent an indefinite number.
10 MESS,I,DO,R – in the French Revolutionary calendar (which I keep meaning to commit to memory but never get round to doing it), MESSIDOR is the tenth month of the year, from June 19th to July 19th.
16 (HYPNOTIC)* – PYTHONIC doesn’t just mean “relating to pythons” you know.
21 MA,DEFY – which means to “make wet or moist”.
22 NAIANT – don’t understand this one either. The word means “applied to a fish depicted horizontally” so in the full clue “Swimming, not getting close to snakes”, “swimming” must be the definition.
29 (j)EMMY

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  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    5d LEIR is an old word for learning (see Chambers) so the rest of your analysis is right.

    22d NAIA are snakes (Cobras in fact) N’T is not.

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