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Private Eye/Cyclops 346 – N.O.R.W.I.C.H.

Posted by beermagnet on 26th August 2007


NORWICH is an acronym for “kNickers Off Ready When I Come Home” as used by WWII soldiers when writing to their loved one to avoid the censors. Basically SWALK for the randy. Did anyone really write NORWICH on the backs of envelopes, or is this apocryphal?
And why do we know nothing about possible retorts? We might even get an acronym that works (N for Knickers I ask you! Why can’t it stand for Nightie). For example, IPSWICH: “I Prefer Sex With Intelligent Cuddly Hunks”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Azed 1838

Posted by linxit on 26th August 2007


Solving time 31:34, but Chambers and Bradford’s used throughout. Either they’re getting easier, or I’m improving! Azed always used to take me at least an hour, even with all the solving aids. Maybe it was something to do with the environment – I solved this yesterday afternoon, sat out in the garden with a bottle of wine and a pile of crosswords. This week’s Araucaria double puzzle (which I found very tough and had to go and get ODQ), Times Cryptic and Jumbo and this month’s Guardian Genius, plus the Independent Cryptic and half the Inquisitor all succumbed before it started getting dark!

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Everyman 3177/cats and dogs

Posted by ilancaron on 26th August 2007


Last regular Everyman blog…

Lots of dogs and a cat or two. None of whom hailed from Scotland as far as I could tell.

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