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Azed 1838

Posted by linxit on August 26th, 2007


Solving time 31:34, but Chambers and Bradford’s used throughout. Either they’re getting easier, or I’m improving! Azed always used to take me at least an hour, even with all the solving aids. Maybe it was something to do with the environment – I solved this yesterday afternoon, sat out in the garden with a bottle of wine and a pile of crosswords. This week’s Araucaria double puzzle (which I found very tough and had to go and get ODQ), Times Cryptic and Jumbo and this month’s Guardian Genius, plus the Independent Cryptic and half the Inquisitor all succumbed before it started getting dark!

9 PACHYCARPOUS (happy c-carous)* – I heard a talk by Azed after last year’s Times Crossword Championships, and I didn’t notice a stutter. I don’t know why he keeps using this device; it just seems lazy to me.
11 DAZE (or is it HAZE?) – homophone of “days” I think, but I’m not 100% sure…
12 C,URN – strange Scottish word meaning “a little bit” – I wasn’t convinced until I looked it up.
18 ENFILAD,E – (and file)* + E(nemy). I don’t see what purpose the word “Rank” has in this clue, other than to improve the surface reading.
20 LAIN,GI(A)N – can “depended” mean “lain”? The psychiatrist in question is RD Laing.
27 CRAKE – double def, can mean crow the bird, or crow as in boast.
28 GLE(D)E – northern dialect for a kite (bird not toy).
30 (f)REED
31 TAIL – I think this is a triple def. TAIL = train, a limitation of inheritance (tail² in C) and the rubbish batsmen in a cricket team.
32 PRINCE’S METAL (spiral,cement)* – unlike Azed to tell us about the apostrophe!

1 SPRAC,KLE – “elk carps” rev.
5 HA(s),ZER(o)
6 UR(E)D,O – yes, urd is a type of bean!
8 LURKED (Dr Luke)* – what one did when reading this blog without ever contributing a comment.
14 IN,DIN(ner),AVIR=riva rev. – an AIDS drug apparently.
17 DEN(TELL)E – I was familiar with the answer, but the two words making it up were new to me. A dene is a sandy tract, a tell is an ancient mound.
19 F(AIR)EST – ref. the mirror in Snow White.
22 NUKE – compound anag. (redo cod)* with NUKE* makes undercooked*
25 PERCE(ive) – Spenserian spelling for pierce.
26 PREEN – double def. Groom or Scottish pin.

2 Responses to “Azed 1838”

  1. DFM says:

    It’s good (and to be expected!) that you are speeding up – but don’t forget to sit in the garden with a good novel once in a while!

  2. linxit says:

    Thanks, Don – that’s exactly what I’ve been doing today! The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks, if anyone’s interested…

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