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Everyman 3177/cats and dogs

Posted by ilancaron on August 26th, 2007


Last regular Everyman blog…

Lots of dogs and a cat or two. None of whom hailed from Scotland as far as I could tell.


1 BAS,SET – our first dog
4 DOGGY BAG – cryptic def for something he might like to eat.
12 DO(IN)G – another canine clue: to DO someone can mean to impersonate them (though it does have other verbal meanings!).
13 MISCREANT – (miner’s cat)*
14 WE ARE NOT AMUSED – cryptic def ref. Q. Vic’s comment – I suppose “one queen” is a bit of a dig at the use of the royal we.
20 AVALANCHE – cryptic def (“An Alpine snowdrop?”) which I was sure would be EDELWEISS at first which was probably an intentional misdirection.


2 SUSHI – hidden in “impresS US HIghly”.
6 GO,FE=iron,R[ange]
7 B(OX, CAME)RA – “one that snaps” is a nice misleading cryptic def of a CAMERA. BRA for “supporter” is a v. familiar cryptic idiom.
8 G(YR)ATE – my last clue since GATE for “wicket” didn’t occur to me for a long time.
9 WORMWOOD SCRUBS – a couple of nice terms here: WORMWOOD is very bitter indeed (I read an article about absinthe production recently) and “clothes worn by operator” is a nice touch (ref. surgical SCRUBS). And the prison is a v. well-known London site.
16 UP, F,OR SALE=(a loser)*
19 MARCEL – (RC male)* — one of many Frenchmen…
21 AMBER – it really is in ‘ChAMBERs’.
23 FENCE – two meanings

4 Responses to “Everyman 3177/cats and dogs”

  1. radchenko says:

    Why no more everyman blogs?

  2. Alan O'Brien says:

    Somewhere else at 15squared there was a discussion about Everyman and another crossword. The bloggers are very busy and I think it was decided that something has to go. In this respect I would like to mention that I completed this particular Everyman in a personal record time; at most five minutes – my pen hardly left the paper.
    For a stiffer challenge why not try the Azed crossword? It is – inexplicably – in the Travel section. Why?

  3. petebiddlecombe says:

    Azed in travel: I’d love to know why, but I’m grateful they keep it in the paper. Everyman puzzles will still get postings here, where you can ask for help with any clues that baffle you.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Azed in travel: Don’t think it matters where it is in the paper once it’s there and you can (presumably) find it.

    Re Quixote which was classed with Everyman as receiving few comments, the blog (by nmsindy) will continue (in abbreviated form) with the same offer as mentioned by Peter B above re Everyman that any baffling clues will be explained.

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