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Private Eye/Cyclops 346 – N.O.R.W.I.C.H.

Posted by beermagnet on August 26th, 2007


NORWICH is an acronym for “kNickers Off Ready When I Come Home” as used by WWII soldiers when writing to their loved one to avoid the censors. Basically SWALK for the randy. Did anyone really write NORWICH on the backs of envelopes, or is this apocryphal?
And why do we know nothing about possible retorts? We might even get an acronym that works (N for Knickers I ask you! Why can’t it stand for Nightie). For example, IPSWICH: “I Prefer Sex With Intelligent Cuddly Hunks”.

1/20 CREAMING ONES JEANS – Smutty double def.
10 BEER MAT – It was only recently that I found out that “mat” is an acceptable alternate spelling for “matt”. I believe Cyclops has previously used “piss” as a synonym for “beer”, I well know that in many establishments there is no sign of a proper pint, nevertheless I might suggest he tries a decent beer like the Summer Lightning at The Doric Arms.
11 CHE-L-S-E-A – CHE is our ne’er forgotten revolutionary; “Predominantly” is the first letter indicator. My first solve despite being a somewhat convoluted clue – she immediately sprang to mind from “Clinton” and “issue”.
12 LAST STRAW – I pencilled in “Jack Straw” on the first pass thinking “minister” was the def., but the definition is the first phrase, the second half gives separate definitions for each word.
13 SCRUB – Double Def
14 SURGE – Double Def
15 ORGASMIC – ( ARGOS)* MIC(rophone)
18 REEF KNOT – F (“fellow”) inside (KEEN)* inside ROT (“balls”)
23/9 PRICK TEASER – Cryptic Def.
27 LE HAVRE – L (“Latin”); E (“energy”); R (“river”) inside HAVE (“shag”)
28 PENISES – P(avilion) (IS SEEN)*
29 BIT ON THE SIDE – You can just hear John Prescott saying this can’t you.
2 RUMP STEAK – This is Donald TRUMP with his top off; “wood” is in quotes to indicate a homophone – steak instead of stake. Smiffy points out the S is from “Trump’S” and “wood” gives TEAK more directly – the quotes are for the clue to be that bit more prurient.
3 ARTERY – E.R. is the US TV Series, inside ARTY (“creative environment”)
4 INCHWORM – (NORWICH)* M(issive) See intro, and as for the answer – I couldn’t get that blasted Danny Kaye song out of my head for hours.
5 GUESS – Hidden in haGUE’S Span.
6 NOSTRUM – NO; ST (“way”); RUM (“booze”)
7 STARBUCKS – (RATS<) (“arses raised”) BUCKS (“US money”) 
8 ABEL – Original biblical murder victim often gets a namecheck
14 STRIP CLUB – That kind of “belt” and that kind of “club” giving that kind of “peeler”
16 ADJOURNED – (NUDE JORDAN)* minus an N(ame) (“name dropping”)
17 FORTIETH – TIE (“get knotted”) inside FORTH (“river”). It’s not that special – I had several fortieth birthdays.
19 EPITHET – E (“Drug”); PIT (“Stone”); (THE)* My favourite clue. With its misleading surface I found this clue tricky but fair.
21 ARREST – AR(M)REST M (“Maiden”) dislodged from ARMREST “Part of e.g. theatre seat”. Difficult. This was most definitely the last I filled in. The puzzle was sitting complete bar this for a couple of days. I was stuck thinking that the definition “bust” was an anagrind for some odd collection of letters in the rest of the clue.
22 HERPES – (murdoc)H (PRES E)* Change an S in PRESS for an E
24 KEVIN – The “familiar ex-Sun editor” is KELVIN McKenzie, from whom we remove L(ine); This Maxwell is the “Bouncing Czech’s” son.
26 SO-SO – A “bastard” is a SO-and-SO

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 346 – N.O.R.W.I.C.H.”

  1. smiffy says:

    I think the “wood” at 2D is only in quotes for comic effect. Isn’t it simply (t)RUMP’S+TEAK?

    Incidentally, the anagram possibility at 25A was a new one to me. I’m surprised not to have seen some sort of reverse device (e.g. “changing the guards”) used before in a standard daily puzzle.

  2. beermagnet says:

    Thank you Smiffy, your 2D explanation is clearly correct.
    I’m sure I’ve seen DAUGHTERS/THE GUARDS anagram before but I couldn’t say where.

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