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Independent 6510/Virgilius

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 28th August 2007

Colin Blackburn.

A mostly straightforward puzzle from Virgilius. Three hidden clues made for an easy start and a quick fill for me. However, I still have doubts about one answer and a couple of clues are still leave me wondering about the wordplay. There were an awful lot of Ps, Cs, Hs and Ks but other than the middle line of unches spelling out DICK I’m not sure if there was a theme.

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Guardian 24167/ Paul

Posted by neildubya on 28th August 2007


I started slowly, and didn’t feel in tune with the puzzle at all, maybe it was the bruising effect of trying to solve Saturday’s twin puzzles…….
9 URTICARIA Often references to rash lead to Urticaria, which is Nettlerash. (H)urt – harmful without the ‘h’, ic, sounds like I see, and “Your Tiny Hand is Frozen” is an aria from La Boheme.
10 MULCT is to fine, and is found reversed in ‘act clumsily’.
11 CHE SARA SARA – ‘what will be, will be’, and an anagram of search a Sara.
12 BASTION – Backwards ‘nob’ holding ‘asti’, a sparkling wine.
14 COIN C ID ENT . ‘Coin is cash, and ID within a cent.
16 TURNOUT for a while I was convinced this was tourist, but it isn’t!
19 OVER CO OK ED, co-ed being the abbreviation for co-educational.Paul thinks of OK as meaning reasonably. If you believe it is an acronym for Orl Korrect, then this seems rather grudging.
14 MORDENT – a musical embellishment, like a trill, and an anagram of modern t(imes).
27 CON SON ANT, an ‘a’ is certainly not a consonant, but a con is a kid, a son is a boy, and some ants are soldier ants.

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