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FT 12,549/Io – A relatively 27A solve

Posted by smiffy on 29th August 2007


This was a tough nut to crack, at least by FT standards.  I don’t have regular access to other daily puzzles that are blogged on this site, but I suspect that the difficulty level here is not dissimilar from those seen under the setter’s other guises (Enigmatist/Nimrod).  A lot more imagination and lateral thinking today than you would typically encounter in the
pink ‘un, and – unusually for the FT – I felt the need to confirm a couple of answers post-solving.

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Guardian 24168 / Gordius – Lock Up Your Dorters

Posted by neildubya on 29th August 2007


A change of pace after yesterday’s Paul brainbuster. It still required two coffees, Mrs Stan and Crossword Buddy ( to complete however, which probably says more about the state of my mind than the level of difficulty.

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Independent 6511 by Dac – very tough

Posted by nmsindy on 29th August 2007


Another excellent puzzle from Dac, with all stacking up in the end, some cleverly concealed definitions – very tough, esp SE corner, though this blogger’s cinematic ignorance contributed to that.

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