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Guardian 24168 / Gordius – Lock Up Your Dorters

Posted by neildubya on August 29th, 2007


A change of pace after yesterday’s Paul brainbuster. It still required two coffees, Mrs Stan and Crossword Buddy ( to complete however, which probably says more about the state of my mind than the level of difficulty.


1 DECADE – sounds like “decayed”

4 BAND-I.T – Maybe a little strained to included mobiles as I.T

9 OMER – Had to look this one up – it’s a Hebrew measure of grain

10 SPIN DOCTOR – (NIPS)< DO (CT) OR – is there a general move among compilers to use up the Blair references quickly before we all forget who he was ?

12 FOREMOST –  FORT with SOME backwards inside – using the meaning of “van” as in “vanguard”


21 BATHROOM – Thanks go to ilancaron for bailing me out  – Bath = Spring, Room = Assembly

 26 THAIRM – TM for trademark with HAIR inside. Thank heavens for the shortage of 4-letter musicals. Thairm is the intestine used for Haggis – also for fiddle-strings.



2 CAREY – George Carey the current Archbishop of Canterbury – Carey Street is where the bankrupcy courts used to be in London.


7 TROTS-KY – Abbreviation for Kentucky – If you have the Trots you are in urgent need of a washroom.

8 DIE FLEDERMAUS –  MADEFIELDERSU* A little German  goes a long way – comic opera by Strauss.


16 BRA-VEST – very much my sense of humour. Bra vo !

18 H-ACKERS – “Ackers” is Northern slang for money, allegedly from the Egyptian “akka”

20 DORTER – had to look this up – it’s where monks sleep. As opposed to “apricots”, which is where monkeys sleep …


15 Responses to “Guardian 24168 / Gordius – Lock Up Your Dorters”

  1. Ciaran McNulty says:

    Any help on 23/25? They’re the last ones I’m stuck on.

    DEEP / DRIVE are the two stabs I’ve had at it but I don’t have any wordplay to back them up.

  2. stan says:

    23 DAN-CE – Tribe of Dan, CE for church
    25 NOES – sounds like ‘nose’

  3. beermagnet says:

    I reckon 25A is NOES as in the opposite of Ayes and homophone “nose”; and 23D is DANCE – there is biblical tribe called Dan.

    I was amused to see ACCOUTRED having only recently seen it for the first time in Bill Deedes obituary where as an example of his old-fashion turn of phrase he was quoted using it.

    I got held up by writing in READY TO EAT with a flourish and not having the german to be sure of the Fledermaus spelling, but got there all but THAIRM for which I thank you.

  4. ilancaron says:

    I thought that it was BATHROOM (with spring referring to the town BATH) — WASHROOM is more of a Canadianism (in my expericen at least).

  5. Ciaran McNulty says:

    Thanks Stan!

    Beermagnet – seems to be that the homophone in 25 is Ascent/assent rather than the nose/noes, but it works both ways

  6. conradcork says:

    Sorry to be a pedant but Carey was the previous archbishop of C. The current one is Rowan Williams.

  7. conradcork says:


    23 is a hidden word. (h)ave sta (tus). Zoroastrian text.

    25 is just a charade. ex e mp t.


  8. conradcork says:

    sorry Ciaran, wrong puzzle. (Must stop smoking that stuff. It confuses me).

    (lies down in darkened room).

  9. Stan says:

    I accept Ilancaron’s view of the world – I have changed to BATHROOM.

    Conradcork : My legendary attention to detail strikes again – yes, Carey was the last guy.

  10. Barbara says:

    Decade in the UK is pronounced
    de-CAYED, but in the US, it’s pronounced DECK-ade

  11. Barbara says:

    re Bathroom: My interpretation of spring assembly is a collection of fixtures that supply runnning water.
    (sink, toilet, bathtub, shower), which makes the entire clue a CD.

  12. Simply_simon says:

    As I used to live in Bath, I assumed that the Assembly Rooms, where one takes the water that rises from the spring, is the reason why it is Bathroom.

  13. Simply_simon says:

    25 across is ‘a scent’, meaning a nose – wine tasters use the term; so it isn’t assent, as that doesn’t mean to go up.

  14. Stan says:

    Just to confuse matters, definition 38 out of 55 in for wash is “a small stream or shallow pool”.

    Could yet be “washroom”

  15. radchenko says:

    Wasn’t OCTAHEDRA an answer in another Guardian puzzle just a short while ago?

    Is this just coincidence, or do the setters sometimes each try to get the same word in a puzzle? Or do they come up with multiple clues to the same word and don’t want to waste them, or what?

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