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Guardian 24169/Audreus – seperate

Posted by ilancaron on August 30th, 2007


Found this hard for Audreus – who I’ve blogged a couple of times in the past. Had to resort to the dictionary to solve the anagram at 7D which looked awfully unlikely in any permutation (PHTHALEIN). Not to mention an obscure poet at 18D… (that said, I’m sure some of you can recite verses and verses of FLECKER at will). I felt that some of the clues had weakish surfaces (no sycophancy here!)… see below.


1 BRIEF,CASE – nice start with a fairly economical clue.
10 M.O.,LAR – somehow I recognized LAR as being a household god or the god of household something or other in some religion.
11 SOUBRETTE – (toe Buster)* — seems like “stands in for” is syntactic sugar since “fractured” is a perfectly good anagrind and “pert songstress” seems like a sufficient definition.
12 RETSINA[c] – I saw the wine before I saw the wordplay which is rev([c]anister).
13 OR,CHAR,D – our somewhat cryptic “fruit producer”: I assume without checking that ORCHAR is a type of goldfish. Testy notes that it’s OR=gold,CHAR=type of fish.
14 S(PEND,ING SPR=spring*)EE – wordplay is clear enough but rather weak surface.
17 TIN OF SARDINES – (Indian forests)*. I like the sly definition (“packed comestibles”) but “Indian forests” is a bit arbitrary.
21 P(R)AIR,I.E. – when I saw “seperate” I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not – since it could have been part an anagram or some cryptic punny thing. I think it’s just a Graudianism.
22 U(N(CL)O)SE – UNCLOSE for ”open” is a bit uncool in my opinion but it’s valid. But you have to admire two levels of containment in a relatively short clue. CL is our “small measure” (centiliter).
26 DO,DO – but are DODOs really just “things”?
27 RACONTEUR – (rector, aun[t])* — but the cryptic reading really yields (rector)*+aun[t] since I don’t see how “Rector distracted by aunt, interminable” indicates that “aun” should be part of the fodder.


1 B(U,MS)RUSH – slang for kicking someone out. MS (manuscript) is our writing.
3 FORBIDDEN FRUIT – (“Firebird” found, T)* — another case of clear wordplay with an unlikely surface.
4 AB=rev(BA),STAIN – our flyers are BA (British Airways which do fly indeed when someone’s not on strike).
5 E,MU,LOUS=soul* – dictionary word (for me) derived from ‘emulate’.
7 PHTHALEIN – (the plan, h, I)* — don’t tell me this is pronounced the way it’s spelt.
8 STEAD,Y[our] – nice economical clue: every word counts.
9 P(RICE, RED)UC=rev(cup),TI=rev(it),ON – another wordy surface that left me unsatisfied (unless there’s a topical allusion relating Archie and Rosie that is lost on me… probably sitcom-related if so) though must say ‘dropped charge’ is a nice cryptic definition. Ref. Archie RICE (I recently saw the revival of the “The Entertainer”) and ref. Rosie RED tea (I think…).
16 AS(S,E,N)TER – another case of clear wordplay with an unlikely surface.
18 FLECK,ER – had never heard of James Elroy FLECKER before but wikipedia had.
19 A([s]QUAT)IC – [s]QUAT in rev(CIA=agents) – going on an unthatched limb here but I guess that QUAT is an “unthatched abode” in say Africa or S. America or…??? Testy notes that the abode is in London, NYC, Amsterdam… it’s just a [s]QUAT (“unthatched”).  Nice.
23 OLIVE – first letters of “office lunch in…”

11 Responses to “Guardian 24169/Audreus – seperate”

  1. Testy says:

    I didn’t do this so some of what I say may be off the mark.

    13A I’m guessing goldfish should be read gold fish and so it would be OR + CHAR (char being a sort of trout).

    9D To my mind Rosie is just the girl’s name (not a synonym of RED) and it is rosy which means RED. So this is either a mistake, a very loose connection or something I’m not aware of.

    19D I think that this is SQUAT (i.e. a dwelling where squatters live) but without its roof (hence unthatched) i.e. without the S leaving QUAT.

  2. ilancaron says:

    Testy I’m sure you’re right re 13 and 19 — thanks! not sure about 9 yet…

  3. Shirley says:

    Just a small point on 1D. The “U” in Bums stands for genteel. Hence genteel MS in brush – fleeting encounter. Very nice clue which took us ages to solve.

  4. tilsit says:

    I did wonder whether the GCE had mixed up mother and son. It seemed more like a Shed to me. However, we shall get his latest effort tomorrow.

  5. beermagnet says:

    The appalling common “seperate” misspelling is correctly “separate” in my paper.
    Tilsit, you echoed my thoughts – this puzzle is very reminiscent of Shed who we don’t see enough of in my opinion.
    I thought “thing of the past” OK as a def. for DODO – and I wouldn’t say it’s too detrimental to the poor old bird, and it makes for a nice surface.

  6. muck says:

    A fair and entertaining puzzle, imho

    7dn could be difficult for anyone without a science education – I remembered phenolphthalein from school chemistry, and phthalein is in Chambers.

    18dn is fairly obvious from wordplay and crossing letters – glad someone has heard of him!

  7. Stan says:

    “The poet’s business is not to save the soul of man but to make it worth saving.” The guy Flecker deserves to be better known.

    Bet I’m not the only person to go back to a certain poet after Araucaria’s weekend double bubble.

  8. Simply_simon says:

    27 Ac. An interminable aunt is one without its terminus – the letter ‘t’ – giving you aun as part of the anagram.

  9. ilancaron says:

    Simon I guess my point was that while I see that AUN[t] is produced by “aunt, interminable”, I don’t see how said result is included in the fodder since “distracted” applies only to “rector” as far as I can tell.

  10. John says:

    Can anyone help with 16D in Friday’s Araucaria (please) as it is driving me nuts.

  11. AlanR says:

    ‘Ensheath’ meaning ‘put into container'; ens means entity (just looked it up!) and heath is a former premier.

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