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Beelzebub 914/Phi (19-08-07)

Posted by neildubya on August 31st, 2007


I found this is a bit trickier than the last couple of Beelzebub puzzles and I even had to use Bradford’s on a couple of occasions. There are a couple of clues – 15A and 16D – where I’m not convinced I’ve got the right answer, or I don’t understand the wordplay.

4 TO in DIT,LOGY – one of the great things about solving advanced cryptics is the unexpected words you come across. This one means “a twofold intepretation”, usually of a Scripture text.
10 GO,RI[v]ER
11 I,CARUS[o]
13 ME<, BREAD – a really good clue which had me foxed for a while as I thought I was looking for (HERES ME)*. “Ready” (as in money) was also very well disguised.
15 SCARP – not sure if this is right. The full clue is “Half the band run away, abandoning one”.
19 SUR[e],[a]MOUNT – what I liked about this clue was the way the setter manages to indicate two incomplete words and still retain a natural sounding surface.
26 E,RULE (move the R to the end)
29 BI,(TONIC)* – BIONTIC. In Chinese medicine, BI is a blockage in the circulation of qi.
32 A,BAT,[o]UT< – ABATTU, somewhat unexpectedly for me, means gloomy or miserable. Tough word, easy wordplay.
1 AGAPE,M,ONE – a Greek word meaning “abode of love”. It was, apparently, “an English religious community of men and women, holding all goods in common”
3 AP,A in CRUD
4 DIG,I in ANY (going up)
6 (COMICAL TRAIT)* – TIMOCRATICAL. A timocracy is a form of government in which “love of honour is the dominant motive of the rulers”.
16 PUTTER OUT – not sure if this is right. The P comes from 15A, which I’m also not sure about so perhaps these are both wrong. The full clue is “Someone who annoys ancient emigrant”.
18 VAN,[s]QUISH – VAN (a shortening of “vanguard”, meaning forefront) always catches me out.
21 (PUB)*,EATS
23 O in (FELT)*
24 E in BEND (going up) – DENEB is a first-magnitude star in the constellation Cygnus.
25 A,L[o]TO

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