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Independent 6508/Hypnos

Posted by neildubya on August 31st, 2007


Reasonably easy puzzle but with a sting in the tail for me. I got 4A quickly so was able to fill in the answers to the thematic clues with not much thought. The rest was quite straightfoward with the exception of 31A and 27A, which together took me almost as long as the rest of the puzzle. Very irksome.

1 POM<,PET – I nearly filled in POPPET, which means the same thing but doesn’t quite work with the “Englishman” bit of the wordplay.
4 (SEE OSC[a]RS)* – got this immediately, which made the other thematic clues nice and easy.
10/29 (FOGY KNOWS ANGER)* – GANGS OF NEW YORK. I thought the anagram was a bit contrived. Not one of 4A’s best films either.
11 (A RUDE GU[y])* – AUGURED. A Sibyl was a prophetess is Greek and Roman legend and literature.
12 hidden in “natIONAlism”
15 T,OULON[g] – I guess OULONG must be a variant spelling of OOLONG.
16 (A MOGUL)* – LUMBAGO, which seems to be a favourite complaint of crossword setters.
20 HAND,BAG – was a bit surprised when the wordplay led to this as “undermine” seemed like an odd definition. The Concise OED has one of the meanings as “verbally attack someone in a forceful manner” – not the same thing as “undermine” surely?
26/22 TAX,I,RIVE in DR – 4A’s best film? Or 6D maybe?
31 PRAYER – don’t know if this is right but I can’t think what else would fit. “Remote chance” could be PRAYER (as in “you haven’t got a prayer”) but that’s as far as I can get.
3 [w]EASE[l]
7 hidden reversed in “bacheLOR NErvously” – not really sure what the surface is doing here.
14 FELLA in GOODS – GOODFELLAS. I can’t imagine that there are very many clueing opportunities for this word.
17 GENEALOGY – a rare beast for me, a cryptic definition I actually like.
19 MONICKER – “monica”. A reference to the author of Brick Lane.
25 A,W,NED – NED is a Scottish word for “hooligan” but I think it has recently(?) become the Scottish equivalent of “chav”.
27 [s]EWER – took ages to get this, mainly because I stupidly didn’t realise that “first sunk” meant “drop the first letter”.

4 Responses to “Independent 6508/Hypnos”

  1. nmsindy says:

    PRAYER I think it’s RAY Charles in PER (a). Older music lovers will remember. Enjoyed this puzzle and, particularly, for one who is weak on films I was able to work out most of the titles from the wordpaly. Some excellent clueing too – GENEALOGY, HIGH AND LOW for example.

  2. Patrick says:

    If 1A is ‘pompet’ how can 2D be ‘peninsula’? I think it is ‘poppet’ with the Englishman being ‘Pop’ as in father.

  3. neildubya says:

    Patrick – it’s not POMPET it’s MOPPET (the < sign indicates a reversal). MOPPET was definitely right though.

  4. Patrick says:

    Yes of course, as soon as I’d sent the comment in I realised I was wrong, being an Aussie I should have got pom (mop) sooner, it was the 1D artist that got me confused, I’d never heard of (Rene) Magritte.

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