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Guardian 24172/Rufus

Posted by linxit on 3rd September 2007


Solving time 4:32

I suppose I should thank Rufus after last Friday’s battle with a really tough Araucaria, but this was just too easy! I’m no speed demon, but I got nearly every clue at first glance. And what about the four across clues on the top and bottom rows? Where’s the misdirection? There were too many CDs (I counted 11, with 5 DDs too), which means more than half the clues had no wordplay. Having said that, I thought 11 was a brilliant anagram &lit. Almost made up for the rest!

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Independent 6515/Mordred

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 3rd September 2007

Colin Blackburn.

I found 90% of this crossword a doddle and then struggled filling in the last few answers. There was the odd word in the wordplay that I’d have expected more in a Morded Listener puzzle.

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Guardian Genius 50, Enigmatist: Lights, camera, action

Posted by jetdoc on 3rd September 2007


Thematic answers are all types of of light, camera or action. These clues don’t have definitions, apart from the number referring to 1d, 2d or 3d. Once you work that out, without a preamble to help, it’s fairly straightforward. Enigmatist finds a variety of ways to say that one word or character string is contained within another.

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