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Guardian Genius 50, Enigmatist: Lights, camera, action

Posted by jetdoc on September 3rd, 2007


Thematic answers are all types of of light, camera or action. These clues don’t have definitions, apart from the number referring to 1d, 2d or 3d. Once you work that out, without a preamble to help, it’s fairly straightforward. Enigmatist finds a variety of ways to say that one word or character string is contained within another.

Chambers gives ‘single-action’ (26ac); but does not give ‘double-action’ (20d) or ‘triple-action’ (12ac). I assume they too must refer to firearms.

1 LACKADAY — Weeks without Sabbath would indeed lack a day, more’s the pity.
5 CANDID — C and ID make CID, a branch of the police force. Candid Camera was a long-running television series, created and produced by Allen Funt (crazy name, crazy guy!), which initially began on radio as Candid Microphone on 28 June 1947. It involved concealed cameras filming ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations.
9 GUMPTION — ‘mug’ (face) reversed; *(point)
10 HAZARD — HARD with AZ (as in the London A–Z, a tour guide) inside it. Hazard lights are warning lights on a car.
11 TURNOVER — Turner (the artist); framing (containing) OV = nothing against. Chambers defines ‘turnover’ as ‘a newspaper article begun on the front page and continued overleaf’; I’m not sure where the ‘20-page’ comes from.
12 TRIPLE — I assume this must be right, but I’m not sure how it is clued by ‘Act without restraint on cycle?’. I’ll probably realise just after posting this blog, and feel stupid.
14 CHIEF BARON — B = ‘Bush initially’; in E FARO = ‘European card game’; all in (covered by) CHIN. The Chief Baron, a term previously unknown to me, is the President of the Court of Exchequer.
18 AT A PREMIUM — *(up a Marmite). ‘Making… roll’ is a nice anagram indicator.
22 SEARCH — EAR = attention; SCH = school. Searchlight.
23 LAST POST — The last post is not the first post, or the initial letters. Last Post was originally a bugle call used in British Army camps to signal the end of the day — so it was played just before Lights Out.
24 REFLEX — ‘elf’ reversed in REX = king. A reflex camera is one in which the image is reflected onto a glass screen for composing and focusing, either through the camera lens or through a separate lens of the same focal length.
25 THROBBER — TH = ‘the’ minus its final letter (‘finish off’); ROBBER = highwayman. Were one to be a throbber (and I don’t think I wish to speculate about this) it would presumably be valid to say ‘I beat’.
26 SINGLE — Trapped by (contained in) condenSING LEns. ‘Single-action’ is a term applied to a firearm (‘having a hammer which requires [sic] to be cocked manually before firing’, according to Chambers).
27 ALTER EGO — ALTO = voice; embodying (containing) ‘Gere’ reversed. Wikipedia tells me that Richard Gere was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995. In 2002, he married actress Carey Lowell. So, presumably, it’s a while since Cindy was his alter ago.
1, 2, 3 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION — a direction on film sets, which gives the theme of the whole puzzle.
4 SORE THUMB — Something obvious is said to stand out like one; and a luckless hitchhiker may have one.
6 ANAEROBE — A = foremost of actresses; over AN OBE with ER = the Queen (or Brenda to Cyclops regulars) ‘collected’. A nice clue, with deceptive surface reading — no anaerobe, an organism that lives in the absence of free oxygen and would therefore not inspire (inhale), has (as far as I know, but then I’m no expert) ever won an Oscar.
7 DIASPORA — 1 ASP (single poisoner) in ‘a rod’ reversed.
8 DUDGEONS — *(gone); in DUDS (dud’s). A dudgeon is ‘the haft of a dagger; a small dagger’, such as Macbeth saw before him.
13 BEQUEATHAL — QU A about E (energy) ’consumed by’ *(in the lab). Good use of two meanings of ‘leaving’.
15 MAESTROS — ‘seam’ (= join) reversed; ‘sort’ (= kind) reversed.
16 PARAFFIN — RAFF = half of ’riff-raff’ in PAIN. ‘In pain’ = ‘suffering’.
17 TRACHEAL — ACHE replacing I in TRIAL.
19 STROBE — *(sorbet). A type of light.
20 DOUBLE — UB (= unemployment benefit) in DOLE. Two terms for ‘state payment’. Neat clue.
21 STEREO — ‘ere t’ reversed, in SO. Another one not given in Chambers: a stereo camera is a type of camera with two or more lenses, allowing it to simulate human binocular vision, and so to capture 3-D Images.

3 Responses to “Guardian Genius 50, Enigmatist: Lights, camera, action”

  1. beermagnet says:

    11A TURNOVER I reckon the “20-page article” refers to 20 Down, thus “double-page article”. So I took it as one where you have to TURNOVER the page.
    (Equally foxed by TRIPLE)

  2. John H says:

    Write TRIPLE in a circle!

  3. jetdoc says:

    OK, got it now. Any devout Ximeneans wish to comment?

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