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Guardian 24175, Paul: Going bananas

Posted by jetdoc on September 6th, 2007


I’m struggling with computer problems (a dead monitor), so was relieved that this one was pretty straightforward.

1 RUGBY FOOTBALL — *(golf brutal boy)
10 TOP BANANA — The star entertainer (see also 15d) in a line-up. A bunch of bananas is called a ‘hand’.
12 ABOUT — A bout.
13 CHICKADEE — CHIC = smart; KA = spirit (ancient Egypt); DEE = river
14 BOLSHIE — Bolshevic, also used to mean stroppy (supposedly associated with being left-wing).
16 GLOTTIS — G = good; LOT = fortune; ‘sit’ reversed.
18 RED TAPE — Two meanings.
20 WHEREBY — WHY= a question; *(beer).
21 YODELLERS — ’do’ reversed in YELLERS
25 INTRODUCE — *(reduction).
26 CHARLIE BUCKET — The title character in the Roald Dahl children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. ‘Charlie’ is a term for cocaine, and a bucket of it is more than a can.
2 UNPEOPLED — I’m not sure how this one works.
5 ORATING — ‘With no classification’.
6 BLOCK VOTE — *(to be), around LOCK = secure, V = victory.
7 LUTED — ‘Fluted’ minus F. Lute is clay or cement used as a protective seal, and the word can be also used as a verb.
8 STRAWBERRY JAM — A straw is something you suck on; ref. Chuck Berry; ‘jam’ and ‘pickle’ can both be used to mean an awkward situation.
9, 24 NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN — An ‘unofficial’ remake of Thunderball. Ian Paisley used to say ‘Never!’ rather a lot.
15 HEADLINER — HE = male; ADLER = psychiatrist; IN = popular.
17, 11, 3 THE NATURE OF THE BEAST — ‘The Beast’ indicates the Antichrist, as in Revelation 13.
19 EMERITI — ‘I tire me’ reversed.
20 WASHTUB — WAS; T = time; in HUB.
22 DEATH — Hidden word.
23 STOIC — 1 in ‘cots’ reversed.

8 Responses to “Guardian 24175, Paul: Going bananas”

  1. ilancaron says:

    UNPEOP=(open up)*,LED=ruled

  2. ilancaron says:

    Oh should add, thanks for the “never say never again” explanation — that was never going to be something i would have known.

  3. John Hooper says:

    Thank you for Charlie Bucket.

    Never heard of him.

    Using NUMBER of the beast rather than NATURE and EMIRITA rather than EMERITI made it just a little difficult to fit something into _H_R_A_/B_C_R_.

    Might have helped if I had actually written INTRODUCE in the grid but I cannot write neatly on a SWS bouncy-train !!!


  4. John Hooper says:

    Is the link in Brendan’s Friday puzzle supposed to be the Greek alphabet ?

    I can see that might be the case with RHOdesia and DELTA and PIpe but whereabouts in that alphabet are EUS or EMP ?

    All help gratefully received.

  5. John Hooper says:

    Thats the best part of an hour wasted on Brendan.

    Can anyone explain why:

    15 is INITIAL
    17 is LETTERS
    16 is ALPHABET

    I assume the above are correct but cannot work out why.

    A few other annoyances:

    20 – Surely this is a dreadful Americanism which is not used in the UK. Maybe a bit of yoof
    culture from the young (I believe) Brendan.
    19 – Does ENGAGE actually mean to reserve ? Sort of in terms of reserving a service when
    you engage a service supplier but it seems very odd to me.
    23 – Where does the LATE come from ? Does it mean “others” or “etal” backwards.

    I still cannot work out the link either (must be a stupid Friday). Initial letters is fine for Ateen/Rbitrates/Ugene/Mpathic etc but what about DELTA and RHODESIA. English AND Greek letters possibly ?

  6. Stan says:

    There is a mix of alphabets, some of them are homophones for the letters as implied by the word ‘soundly’ in the rubric.

    Don’t want to steal the thunder of the assigned solver but hate to see one in pain – et. al is literally ‘and the others’

    Disagree that 20 is in any way American

    Thought it was a creative utterly fair puzzle – more please Mr B.

  7. Colin Blackburn says:

    Wouldn’t it be sensible to reserve discussion on this puzzle until there is a proper place to do it in rather than having comments in two places? Also, the blogger of the current puzzle will now be receiving email updates of comments that do not relate to her blog.

  8. John Hooper says:

    Thank you Stan for “et al”. I did actually wonder if it was “late” backwards but my brain fell over on breaking it in two. I did say I was having a stupid Friday.

    We will have to agree to disagree on “beat up on”. Only ever heard this phrase in US films and TV programmes. Never heard a Brit use it.

    You make a good point Colin. I did not realise the puzzle blogger received specific email updates. I have worked in IT for thirty years but this is the only blogtypething I have ever bothered with as it is a bit more than the usual inane look-at-me solipsism.

    Still not sure of the WHY for 15,16 and 17.

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